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Shripati Apr 9 '11
After update to new version cron giving following error please tell how to correct .ow_debug_cont{padding:15px 0;width:80%;margin:0 auto;} .ow_debug_body{background:#fff;border:4px double;padding:5px;} .ow_debug_cap{font:bold 13px Tahoma;color:#fff;padding:5px;border:1px solid #000;width:250px; … More
Mark Jul 19 '11
I get this message every now and then when cron Runs .ow_debug_cont{padding:15px 0;width:80%;margin:0 auto;} .ow_debug_body{background:#fff;border:4px double;padding:5px;} .ow_debug_cap{font:bold 13px Tahoma;color:#fff;padding:5px;border:1px solid #000;width:250px;margin-top:-20px;} . … More
Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur Aug 21 '11
I have installed the oxwall 1.2.3 , I am using Arvixe Hosting, I put that line to Cpanel/cron as described during installation(put to run cron every minute)  but my website in not sending mass e mails at all and when the user registers It sends conformation e mail after 5-6 hours .. Please help me to fix this More
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 7 '10
When a new user is registering the validation email comes through almost instantly. However, the email notification when there is activity seems to not be working. I have set the notification to immediately but don't seem to get any messages. This is the same if SMTP is configured or not. … More
Ali Aug 7 '10
after installation: Installation complete Go to the main page or to the admin area click 'admin' taken to admin pages | admin page works 100% click 'index' take to domain. … More
Thaer Oct 22 '10
Hello, i allredy install OXWALL and evrything going fine, but after instalation if visit site you will get blanc language like that: base+dashboard base+main_menu_index base+main_menu_my_profile base+users_main_menu_item in admin section also. … More
taha Oct 26 '10
I have a problem with data importer plugin ... when i try to upload my backup file to my site with this plugin , it doesnt work ... this plugin shows a message that says : Import in progress. Please wait. i have already insert the salt , … More
Juan Nov 16 '10
Hello again, under Admin, when I try to delete a Latest Activity post, like when a new member joins or someone adds a video or whatever, it throws me to a blank page and it doesn't delete the post. More
Phicheth Nov 20 '10
got this message : Export in progress. Please, check back later. More
Gregory Nov 21 '10
My email notifications and mass emails are not working....anyone else with this problem? More
Phicheth Nov 22 '10
reset-password-request password sent email and code.. but link code will error /404 and when try enter code system say " code Invalid " More
Chris Nov 24 '10
… not sending. - Disabled the SMTP settings. - Checked the email address in the main settings - it is sending from the same domain. - Checked the cron job. Running every minute: home/conyerst/www/ow_cron/run.php ow_cron/run.php Still no result. Invites are just not working. Is there anything else I … More
Pedro Dec 30 '10
I get parser error on the blog comments. But still does post the comments. I read and updated and run cron. so it have to be a small error on the script somewhere within the blog. http://www.petesplace.co.cc in case you want to try it for your self. I am very savy on php. … More
Thomas Jan 6 '11
Hi, your script it's just awsome! I test your script in my serveur all is working. But it's impossible to send a message. Not error message The PM is Not in Mysql Why? Tanks :o) More
Michael Leader
Michael Jan 6 '11
OK I have a fresh install. 2 users ont he site. One sends the other a pvt message. I don't seem to be seeing an email notification letting me know I have mail. Cron seems setup correctly. I ASSUME it is working ok. The online status for each member is workig correctly. … More
g00d Jan 17 '11
Hi folks,First of all, thanks thanks thanks! This seems wonderfull software for what I've been testing.Now the following error occured when installing the newsfeed module (wich I need very much)I tried installing on several ways: … More
g00d Jan 19 '11
Hi.I tried an import from the wall to my hosted version.I changed the salt nr in the config.php.But it doesn't make anymore progress. It shows this message for more then 1 day now:Insert the salt you received during the export into the ow_includes/config.php file to the OW_PASSWORD_SALT constant.Import in progress. Please wait.How to solve? More
ma3ih Club
ma3ih Feb 4 '11
when i want install group and facebook plugin site give me this error Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2014 Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active. Consider using PDOStatement::fetchAll(). Alternatively, if your code is only ever going to run against mysql, … More
Henrik Feb 13 '11
The words Base, Blogs, and Submit on the page http://www.mysite.com/site-url/email-notifications cannot be translated into other languages. More
Greg Mar 2 '11
Hello For start sorry for my english i do my best for explain I dont know what a cron? how i install this, what this? in fact sorry noob I install oxwall enought cron, i have a error when i am log on and want see other people on website i see this error Fatal error: … More
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