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D.S May 27 '13
hiiii, it's now two day that i try to make a slider picture on my login page but impossible for me... really ! i tried all the slide code on the net, my own code... nothing work  img src="" ==> this doesn't work at all, why ? jquery code works because i called the alert() function, … More
John Jun 1 '13
The spam bots who sign up spam members do not have a photo eventhough it is a requirement. A good way to filter them out would be to delete all member with no photo. This could be done with a MYSQL statement. The database seems complicated. Does anyone know how to do a SELECT all users with no photo query? More
dave Leader
dave Jul 3 '13
I think its enough that moderators can suspend an account. A moderator therefor should not be able to delete an account or change profile details. Leave that duty to the admin to do.  So i will be looking into how to remove the delete button from the list of options from the moderators view. … More
Sanusi Yaakub
Sanusi Yaakub Aug 29 '13
Hi, i need help in creating an automatic plugin update code. i have created a plugin update, and this update adds some language key/value and also alters the database table.. so, i have followed the coding style of the system plugins and have come to this: … More
S. Bourdon
S. Bourdon Sep 2 '13
… , I would like to execute an SQL query. The function is the following:     public function addOption( $questionId, $userId, $text, $time = null )    {        $option = new QUESTIONS_BOL_Option();        $option->questionId = (int) $ … More
UTAN Sep 4 '13
Hi guys and Gals, I am pretty new to this awesome software, I am currently working in draft site , trying to change appearance and so.. What I want if to be directed in how to transfer my user database from a login i wrote to oxwalls , … More
Ricky Oct 1 '13
please when a ever a user send message he hears sound. please can someone help me stop the sound from users sending a chat message. i want only the receiver to hear the sound More
Kieron H Leader
Kieron H Oct 7 '13
hi does anybody know how to make the newsfeed item not change if someone comments or likes for example if someone likes  status if you refresh it now come up as user has liked users status i want it to just say the status but still let people like and comment More
Gabriel Fonseca
Gabriel Fonseca Oct 28 '13
Hello, I'm using this function to create a new User on the network. $user = BOL_UserService::getInstance()->createUser($usuario[0], TCE_HASH, $userGet, null, true); But it only inserts the username of the person. The realname is empty! How to insert the realname do it too? Thank you More
Exaspian Studios
Exaspian Studios Nov 13 '13
Hey there guys! Long time no see. I have a silly question today, but I simply could not find the answer to it anywhere. I need to change the page the users are directed to after a successful login. Any ideas? Thanks, Exaspian Studios Staff. More
Kyle Jan 24 '14
Need help removing the user avatar's from the "links" widget (oxwall plugin) More
Michel Jan 30 '14
Hello, i want to give my moderator's some logo on the forum down their pic how can i do that? More
Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Mar 14 '14
Hi All, Does anybody know how to add a link on a mobile menu tab like what we can do with desktop, I want to add an external link but you can only add a page and embed an HTML on Mobile or Add RSS Feed. I just want to add a Page link on Mobile Menu. More
Jeroen Apr 1 '14
hi i have trouble on the join page i change the date to europe dd/mm/yyyy but date validator only works with mm/dd/yyyy how to change   public static function isDateValid( $month, $day, $year )     {        if ( !checkdate($month, $day, … More
Julien Apr 9 '14
Hi, I am wondering if there is some kind of information available on how best to migrate an existing ubb threads community to oxwall. I am handy with SQL and PHP, so I can write some SQL scripts to export data from ubb to oxwall. … More
Regis Grison
Regis Grison May 24 '14
Hi, I upload files using ssh to my server and I don't want to setup a FTP server only for oxwall. I know that some people had trouble with it because when I first installed oxwall, I searched install forum to find a solution. … More
Sean Jun 18 '14
I'm creating a new plugin, and have the following code in one controller: public function __construct(){//Services$this->language = OW::getLanguage();$this->service = OFLOTTERY_BOL_Service::getInstance();$this->router = OW::getRouter();$this->feedback = OW::getFeedback();$this-> … More
John Aug 21 '14
… ` ( `id` , `email` , `username` , `password` , `joinStamp` , `activityStamp` , `accountType` , `emailVerify` , `joinIp` ) VALUES ( NULL , '$email', '$username', '$hash', '1321777145', '1381395603', '290365aadde35a97f11207ca7e4279cc', '1', '0' ) More
Kali Feb 24 '15
Hello, I followed the anszer given in this topic http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/22678 to change the date format, but I'm getting this warning on my index page (below user list widget and above ocs site search quick search widget): Message: strlen() expects parameter 1 to be string, … More
Marina Bircher
Marina Bircher Apr 6 '15
How can I get the current logged in Users Gender in a Plugin?I wanted to get the current users sex in this file, in quickSearch() function:\ow_plugins\usearch\controllers\ajax.php Isnt it saved somewhere in the Sessions? I also have to get the "Looking for" information.  … More
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