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Topic location: Oxwall International » Française
Pat Apr 13 '20
Bonjour je recherche une personne pour régler mon problème de parser error. Merci! More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Asoka Janaka
Asoka Janaka Apr 29 '20
Mass mail is not sending emails. Getting an Error message TYPEERROR:CANNOT READ PROPERTY 'FOCUS' OF NULL Can someone help. No reply from the developer. RegardsAsoka More
Topic location: Oxwall International » Française
Herve May 1 '20
Voici l'erreur la même que la première fois More
We The People United We Stand
Hello, I transferred the users from one Ox-wall to another via  PHP Admin.   Now they cannot use their password and it does not show them in the user roles section. however, I do see them in the user list page and I can pull them up on the website. What step did I miss? Thxs More
Topic location: Community Exchange » General Chat
SubMeet Jan 5 '20
How to fix?After uploading the video ERROR -> https://submeet.vet/e500.php Error code - screenshot zzzzzzzerrrorrr.PNG More
Topic location: Community Exchange » General Chat
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer May 23 '20
I have been testing lots of social scripts and dating scripts, until now I could not find any  software better than Oxwall. At first when I installed some of them I tough that I found something better, but once I started trying to make something really useful for the users, … More
Daniel Jul 21 '20
…  `ow_base_question_config` (`id`, `questionPresentation`, `name`, `description`, `presentationClass`) VALUES (NULL, 'fselect', 'search_type', '', 'Selectbox')//------------------------------------------------------------By running the SQL query, … More
OW-Ghost Jul 5 '20
Hello oxwallers im backHow can i remove meta tags in Oxwall software or any software. The Oxwall core loads on auto wrong Facebook meta tags.Wrong value (generated by Oxwall):<meta name="og:type" content="website" />Correct value:<meta property="og:type" content="website" /> … More
Topic location: Community Exchange » General Chat
dave Leader
dave Jul 30 '20
Here are the first issues i have found when running oxwall on php 7.4.8, there may be more to come.  One of these is easy to fix just removing the call to the function... But the others ill have to check the manuals and update this topic later.  … More
Jozko Aug 11 '20
… /smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(94): Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->_execute(Object(Smarty_Internal_Template), NULL, NULL, NULL, 0)#9 /home/veryha62/public_html/ow_core/view_renderer.php(80): Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch('/home/veryha62/...')#10 /home/veryha62/ … More
Onur Aug 18 '20
… in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'type":"link","description":null,"title":null,"thumbnail_url":null,"href":"http:/' at line 1File:/var/www/vhosts/ilkok.com/httpdocs/ow_core/database.phpLine:723 More
Marcus Sep 2 '20
… ON base_user_suspend_table_alias.`userId` = `base_user_table_alias`.`id` WHERE (`base_user_suspend_table_alias`.`id` IS NULL) AND (`base_user_table_alias`.`emailVerify` = 1) I have tried adding index to both of them but no joy! I try to avoid this query as much as I can More
Ken Nov 2 '20
Put a Previous and next button to go to the next active id on view page <input style='float:left' type="button" class="prev-btn" name="b1" value="prev" onclick="location.href='/item/view/{$item->id-1}'"><input style='float: … More
Onur Dec 16 '20
… .php(723): PDOStatement->execute() | #1 /var/www/vhosts/ilkok.com/httpdocs/ow_core/database.php(344): OW_Database->execute('SELECT * FROM o...', NULL) | #2 /var/www/vhosts/ilkok.com/httpdocs/ow_plugins/newsfeed/bol/like_dao.php(172): OW_Database->queryForObjectList('SELECT * FROM o...', ' … More
Marius Aug 3 '21
… (Object(OW_Example))  #4 /home/zonavir1/public_html/ow_plugins/questions/bol/service.php(519): QUESTIONS_BOL_FollowDao->findFollow(NULL, '1')  #5 /home/zonavir1/public_html/ow_plugins/questions/components/feed_item.php(178): QUESTIONS_BOL_Service->isFollow(NULL, '1')& … More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 6 '21
I have collected the best and most modern of OxWall (version 1.87 for PHP> 7.x)I have added the files for installationI have updated all the librariesI have corrected the English language and removed all unused entries. … More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Sevenmentor Apr 12 '23
… of using Java is its robustness and reliability. The language has a strong type system, which helps to prevent common programming errors such as null pointer exceptions and type mismatches. Additionally, Java has a built-in memory management system that handles the allocation and deallocation of … More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Bhavika Rugnath
Bhavika Rugnath May 12 '14
Hello I want to enable Login with facebook but after accepting the permission this error show up: "Error 500 - Internal Server Error" My webpage is peroladoindico.netReceive in attach the facebook application configurations. More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Joey Williams
Joey Williams Jun 21 '23
… error may occur in QuickBooks Desktop, resulting in an error message that says "QuickBooks Script Error Unable to Get Property Length of Undefined or Null Reference." Fortunately, resolving this script error is not overly complicated and can be fixed by resetting Internet Explorer's settings. What are … More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Jamie Pat
Jamie Pat Sep 1 '23
… . Here's a simplified example of a container using the render props pattern: class DataFetcher extends React.Component {  state = { data: null };   // Data fetching logic here   render() {    return this.props.render(this.state.data);  }} In this example, the … More
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