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Cron Job - No Emails Coming Through | Forum

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Anthony May 19 '13

I have just recently installed Oxwall but I am having problems with emails. When I new user signs up they do not receive the email to confirm their email address. My cron job is set up correctly as I receive the following email every 1 min. 

Cron <myusername@just110> php /home5/myusername/public_html/ow_cron/run.php

From: , To: , Date 

Set-Cookie: base_language_id=1; expires=Tue, 18-Jun-2013 18:57:02 GMT; path=/ Content-type: text/htmlBut new members still don't get an email.
I have smtp enabled and I believe that is working OK as I have sent atest email from the "invite new member" section and it can through straight away.Anyone got any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
I am using justhost as my hosting provider and they are running Linux and php5
Alia Team
Alia May 20 '13

1. Open your database and find "ow_base_mail" table. It might or might not be empty. If it is not empty, just take a screen shot of it.

2. Send an email using either "Mass Mailing" feature or "Invite Friends" feature or register as a new user to get a verification email.

3. Go to "ow_base_mail" table. Was the new row containing data about your last mailing created?

If new row appeared>>everything is ok. Follow step №4.

If new row didn't appear>>then it means that Oxwall didn't generate the email>>which is not ok>>report this issue on forum or PM  me.

4. Wait until Cron runs or run it manually. Check "ow_base_mail" ( refresh the page) again. Was the row your saw before ( row containing data of your latest mailing) removed?

If new row was removed>>then it means that system is working ok. CRON is working ok. Follow step №5.

If new row was not removed, then it means that CRON is not working or your mail is not set correctly. To find out what is wrong with your CRON, you will need to run it manually via SSH client. If you are not sure whether your mail set correctly, contact your mail server provider ( usually provided by your hosting company). Check with them whether there are any limitation on the amount of emails sent, whether you have some kind of tool to monitor/track errors related to mailing.

5. Check the email where your mailing should have come.
If email didn't come:
a) you have specified incorrect email in admin panel>>settings>>main settings ( applied if you tested using "mass mailing" feature)
b) email went to in spam/junk box
c) your mail server is not working/blocking/restricting you from sending emails.
    Enable SMTP and try sending out emails using gmail SMTP (http://support.google.com/mail/answer/13287?hl=en). Use Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

When you are reporting your issue on forum make sure to include following info:

1. Your site URL
2. Whether you did manual or auto update
3. Whether you followed the steps listed above and where did you get stuck.

Depending on your issue you might be asked to provide:
1. admin panel access details
2. access to database
3. SSh access details
4. access to your control panel.
Nethaaji Suntharakumar
I am also have same problem. I tried above steps and others guides. But impossible!

URL: http://client.expogroup.lk

I updated via ftb and now i am facing problem to get new user verification mail. I removed all manually installed plugins. Still I i have problem.

Please help me.

ross Team
ross Jul 8 '13
Have you checked your notifications settings in the Preferences?
Nethaaji Suntharakumar
yes. My notifications setting in Immediately.

Still I have verification problem, when new members try to get verification mail. Help me please.

Forgot password and Mass mailing are working well. (I am using smtp). 

ross Team
ross Jul 9 '13
Can you PM me your admin access details and domain name, please?
Nethaaji Suntharakumar
Yes. I sent a PM to you. Help me soon..
Newton Jul 9 '13
I have the same problem reading the forum I tried to send a mass mail and invite friends tramiti mail using the admin panel, but have not received a test email. I have enabled SMTP did a test and gave me ok, but I did not receive any more emails from inscriptions, so I turned off.
ross Team
ross Jul 9 '13
Newton, have you tried, the steps provided by Aliia?
Nethaaji Suntharakumar
Can you help me Mr.Ross? I sent my SSH access details.
ross Team
ross Jul 9 '13
I replied you please, check
Nethaaji Suntharakumar
Yes. You are doing well.
ross Team
ross Jul 9 '13
The problem solved
Newton Jul 9 '13
yes I did the steps, and the emails were all there in the database, but when I did the manual configuration SMTP not sending email from the site Registration (New User), then disabled it and left as before.
Nethaaji Suntharakumar
Hi! Mr.Ross,

High priority response.
I must say I am astound with your instant response. Cheers!!

Thank you.

Nethaaji Suntharakumar
Read CRON guide from this forum and recheck. 

Otherwise there may be the problem was with your hosting company and mail clients which do no take well "verification" word. Please contact them. They will change it to confirmation and get the mail. Be ready with you SSH access details (Host, Username, Password)

Quote from Newton yes I did the steps, and the emails were all there in the database, but when I did the manual configuration SMTP not sending email from the site Registration (New User), then disabled it and left as before.

The Forum post is edited by Nethaaji Suntharakumar Jul 9 '13
Newton Jul 9 '13
problem solved, thanks

wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.yoursite.com/ow_cron/run.php

ross Team
ross Jul 15 '13
Taissa Team
Taissa Jun 1 '15
Daydreams Exclusive, please use these email delivery troubleshooting instructions: https://docs.oxwall.org/faq:email-sending-is-not-working .
If you went through all the steps and the issue still persist, then please provide us  the results of all steps you have done. 
The detailed information will allow us to assist you more effectively.