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Manually deleting private messages | Forum

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Shaun May 23 '13

I purchased a few plugins last night and managed to send myself a private message.

Thats fine I know the plugin is working the problem is though i cannot delete the message. oxwall notifies me that the messages have been deleted but still they stay sitting in the inbox.

Any ideas?
messages from other user delete as normal.
Alia Team
Alia May 23 '13
Shaun, do you by any chance use page reporter plugin?
Shaun May 23 '13

As a matter of fact aliia I do lol.


Is this a common problem? i also managed to send a message to myself from the ads pro plugin as well. I have 3 messages i just cant get rid of.

Alia Team
Alia May 27 '13
Shaun, a couple of users have reported in the past that they were not able to delete PMs because of this plugin. Try deactivating it.

Shaun May 30 '13
Hi allia, i tried deactivating the plugin but i still cannot delete the messages. someone has said that it could be done through the database but im not what i am doing. are there any instructions on how to do that.?
ross Team
ross Jun 4 '13

You will be able to delete the private message in the database in ow_mailbox_message table. 

Also, could you let us know, the thing with the deletion of private messages , does it happens only when you logged in as an admin or as a user as well? Thanks

Shaun Jun 4 '13
Hi Ross,

Thank you for your help. It is appreciated and the problem has now been resolved.

I only had trouble with the mailbox if the email orriginated from myself for example I have tested both the adds pro plugin and the Page reporter plugin thats automaticly send emails to the admin.

As a rule I dont send messages to myself so I dont forsee this as being a regular problem.

Messages sent between from one user to another user delete okay with no problems and messages sent to the admin account from other users delete with no problems as well.

Thanks for the advice and help

ross Team
ross Jun 4 '13
No problem. Glad, that helped you. 
Vinz Jun 26 '13
Not for me ... Try disable plugins abuse report no change try to delete on my database in ow_mailbox_message table but my message is always here on my website =(

message always here and same for the notification...
The Forum post is edited by Vinz Jun 26 '13
ross Team
ross Jun 26 '13
you could also try to delete files from the ow_mailbox_conversation
Vinz Jun 27 '13
Thanks a lot ross problem solved.
ross Team
ross Jun 27 '13
My pleasure