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What's the maximum # of fields? - CSV import | Forum

fbkca Sep 19 '13

Just wondering if you are limited to just 4 fields?


Alia Team
Alia Sep 19 '13
No, it is not limited to 4 fields.
You will get as many fields, as you had in your .csv field ( values separated by delimiter).

Scroll bar will appear at the bottom of the table so that you can set all fields.

Please note that mysql limits number of columns within database table to 4096 and the table size up to 4gb. So max. amount of columns ( which in our plugin turn into "Fields") is 4096.

But we recommend having no more then 500.

fbkca Sep 20 '13
ok thanks. I't be cool to also be able to provide a URL for an avatar :)
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 16 '13
Thanks for the idea Fbkca.  Importing images require more complex changes, may be even a separate plugin. But we will keep this in mind.

P.S. Best way to let us know about your suggestion is posting them at  http://oxwall.uservoice.com/forums/13756-ideas-for-oxwall
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