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SUGGESTIONS - OxArt Comment Votes | Forum

Sardar Oct 2 '13
Hi! I'm waiting for your suggests in this thread.
Antonio T
Antonio T Oct 2 '13
Shay  lee
Shay lee Oct 4 '13
I think the price is to high.. Anyway, maybe you should make an option for the Admin to dont show comments, that have to many negative votes. (Keeps it cleaner)
Sardar Oct 8 '13
Hi Shay,

Thanks for your suggestion! I've added the option to hide or fade negative comments. 

Comedian Oct 23 '13
Very useful, very expensive
Joseph Nov 7 '13
can you make it where users follow posts they comment on so they can stay updated on the conversation?
Anna Dec 3 '13
is there a way to vote on comments in forum? 
Sardar Dec 3 '13
Hi Joseph,

Sorry for the delay, I didn't get what comments do you mean. Can you provide more details.

Hi Anna,

No, the plugin works only with comment instances. Forum feature doesn't use comments, it includes topics and posts. 

Brad Mar 1 '14
It would be amazing if this plugin also posted stats on a users profile.  Total number of likes to dislikes on posts made by user.  Total number of comments made by user.  I would pay as much for that as I did for this plugin.
Musik Jun 6 '14
Hello! I originally posted a separate thread about this, then thought it'd best go here. You can delete my original thread, that's fine with me. (:

I'm interested in this plugin but I have a question: Can downvoting be removed? Similar to Facebook, I'd like the ability to only like/upvote a post, not downvote it.
Simone Jul 26 '14
have this plugin notification about who like your comment?

thank you

Sardar Jul 26 '14
Hi Simone,

No, currently the plugin doesn't add votes notification. The good news - it's in roadmap for next update.

Simone Aug 5 '14

Quote from Sardar Hi Simone,

No, currently the plugin doesn't add votes notification. The good news - it's in roadmap for next update.

Thank you Sardar, is there a release date?
Sardar Aug 5 '14


I'm going to update the plugin this weekends. It will include not only notifications, but also votes for forum posts.
Robert Rodrigues
Robert Rodrigues Sep 15 '14
Needs option for turning off down-voting.
Kelvin Oct 1 '14
Hey Any possible to develop (who vote it) ? It is like member or friend list show who vote that comment. like Facebook.
Sardar Oct 1 '14
Hi Kelvin,

It's already done in previous version. Follow the demo link (http://oacvote.oxart.net/) and click any vote - you'll see the list of users who voted for comment/forum post.

Kelvin Oct 1 '14
Thank you ! I got it :)
Kelvin Oct 1 '14
By the way, how to know who vote up or who vote down ? I think you mix it up.
Sardar Oct 1 '14
You can click the counter near vote up/down icons - this way you can see the list of users who voted up and down.
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