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Problem - Nightclubbing | Forum

John Michaels
John Michaels Nov 18 '13

I have this theme. I bought it some time ago and love it. It is very well designed except in one area which I never bothered to mention because it wasnt a big deal to me .

But now,

I have people asking me where do they sign in and I tell em at the top (new users) and they say it isnt clickable , I tell them it is and they try and say OHHHHHHH it is !

Here is the issue :

The sign in does NOT appear to be clickable , when in fact it really IS clickable , so it throws people off , confuses them.

Is there a way we can actually get a BUTTON rather than just a line of text for that area ?

See the attached photo and you can see while the bottom is blue and highlights when you click it showing that it is clickable, the top is light blue and does nothing when you pass your mouse over it and gives off the illusion that it is NOT clickable.

Other than that issue , the theme is one of the best I have ever seen in oxwall as of yet ! I love it !


  sign in.jpg (22.97Kb)
John Michaels
John Michaels Nov 18 '13
Ho do I totally uninstall the theme and re-install , because it seems it is not letting me over write . . . . .I keep getting theme already exists and I dont see where to uninstall it

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Bewster Nov 24 '13

I payed voor the theme 


But I didn't got the link to download the theme.

Where can I download the theme?

Or can you send it tot me?

With kind regards,


Thrullas Mar 12 '14
The download work does not work after my purcahse. Ive tried multiple times.
Brother Andrew
Brother Andrew Sep 25 '14

1)  MOBILE MENU BUTTON Sometimes OPENS WebSite.com/contact (A NON Page)

2)  Profile WALL Posts LOOK BAD In The NEWSFEED If In COLUMN 1 or 2 And On PHONES.

3)  On PROFILES, The MORE Drop Down Menu Next To MODERATION Menu, On Phones Is TOO FAR Over To The Left.  Some Of It DOESN'T Show.

4)  (Mobile Logo) DOESN'T Show.  DESKTOP Logo Shows On Phones.

5) NO File Selected Gets COVERED On Phones UPRIGHT Position.

Please FIX Those ISSUES.  MUCH Thanks!  :--)
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Brother Andrew
Brother Andrew Dec 10 '14
I UPDATED The Theme This Week. The 5 ISSUES I Posted AREN'T Fixed Yet.  HASN'T Anybody ELSE Noticed The ISSUES That I Mentioned Above?!  :--)
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