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How to fix this .... | Forum

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W.SNEIJDER Dec 24 '13
Hello , with Turkish language , i have a problem with the font.

how to fix pls ?
  sdfsdfsd.jpg (107.37Kb)
Daisy Team
Daisy Feb 19 '14
It depends on the fonts your browser supports. All I can suggest is to change the main font to Arial or find the alternative font and change in via Admin Area > Appearance or via theme base.css file.
Daisy Team
Daisy Feb 19 '14
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Julien Cuenin
Julien Cuenin Mar 5 '14
Merhaba Bayrak,

You should make sure that the font you are loading in the header is having latin-extended.

I had the same problem in the past for other CMS and that fixed it.

Kolay gelsin!

W.SNEIJDER Apr 6 '14
Thanks for reply :)

John Apr 7 '14
Even if the font is "latin-extended, it's essential that it is also a "Web Safe Font".

Web safe fonts are fonts that everyone has on their computer. Many of us install different fonts mistakenly thinking we can brighten up our web pages and make them look different. That is a big mistake.

Unless the end user (the person looking at your site) has the same fonts installed on their computer, they will see something entirely different. Their browser will substitute your beautiful font with a plain font they have on their computer and all your hard work will be lost.  By using web safe fonts, you don't create this problem.

Although there are ways around this, they probably won't work with Oxwall.

Here is a site showingall the web safe fonts. There are not many. The Mac will substitute the corresponding PC font and visa versa.

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