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Suggestion - Photogroup | Forum

Maxim Kotov
Maxim Kotov Feb 18 '14
Good idea! And the feature of adding photo to groups is very desired.
However the small widget with the list of group's albums (or 1 album) -similar to profile page, would be more useful.
Frank Barcellona
Frank Barcellona Feb 18 '14
I agree with Maxim.  We need a smaller widget that lists the group albums.
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Feb 19 '14
Nice job. 
Joseph Feb 20 '14
I would say give the admin the option to have 1 album as it is now or multiple albums because not all networks want the same thing
Joseph Feb 22 '14
when a user comments a photo it should show up in the groups newsfeed as of now photos dont actually work with the groups personal newsfeed
Alex Philipp
Alex Philipp Feb 25 '14
+1 for Group Albums widget
Vladimir Bach
Vladimir Bach Apr 12 '14
Yea it would definitely be nice to have albums so you can categorize the photos in the group, instead of just random photos with tags. Good plugin otherwise. 
Carol Schumacher
Carol Schumacher Sep 3 '14
I really want the group photos that are posted in the newsfeed to automatically go to group photos, then place in albums after the fact, so to have a main album and then others that we can create.

The group newsfeed is where everyone posts things  text photos videos or whatever.  So for those photos to only go into a main group photo album is what I want, not to the entire site Photos/Videos.  

I also don't want it to take away my customizing groups away again.  I also want the wall and side pics and banners not to go away when I install it again.  I paid for this plugin and hope I can use it.
Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Nov 1 '14
I 3d this suggestion of having the ability to create More than just one album...

At least let us know if there are near future plans for this as it has been 11 months and waiting thus far even for a response.

2nd option I guess would be is for anyone to hire a developer to rework this plugin/add this option then sell it in the Store?,, with of course the option to delete entire albums as opposed to per single images.
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