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It's getting harder to trust Oxwall store with your money | Forum

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crb Mar 17 '14
Mabye a user based subscription would for plugins would be a good option. Subscription based on updates and/or support.
1-500 users free or free no support and no updates
500-1000 users 10$
1000-5000 users 20$

Or free till the first update or support.

John Mar 18 '14
@oxwallaccessories (still don't know your name), I will probably never know how good your plugins are because you don't have anything I want and I'd love to try a freebie first. In the meantime, thanks for your history and it would be good (for you) if you could stick at least some of it on your store page.

There is a simple solution to all of this, but the Oxwall team seem very understaffed. Ross is the only moderator I've seen on the forum for over a month and there seem to be less than ten people working on the project itself. All are very young and probably have wives and families to worry about before Oxwall, so what I'm about to suggest may well be impossible.

Oxwall is a core product that somewhat depends on plugins to give it that extra buzz. Most people don't care where plugins come from and many probably assume that they've been endorsed by Oxwall. But have they?

Part of the Oxwall team, or a few people appointed by Oxwall should act as Beta Testers and thoroughly test each plugin currently on the Store or wanting to be advertised on the Store in the future These testers should have the authority to give a conditional Seal of Approval. That seal doesn't have to be a guarantee that the plugin is perfect in every way, but it must be bug free and do exactly what the developer says (or implies) it will do.

The testers should have no more experience other than to install a plugin and use it.  They should not be asked to debug or troubleshoot. Either it works or it doesn't. If the plugin breaks in any way, it should be failed and sent back to the developer to fix the problem.

All the seal has to say is: This plugin has been tested by a team of voluntary testers and found to perform on their computers as per the Developer's description. Therefore, Oxwall or it's Plugin Testers cannot he held responsible for any problems you may encounter. Many servers react differently and what works on one server may malfunction on another.  All complaints should be sent to the Plugin Developer.

This could be taken one step further, especially if the Developer's description isn't very comprehensive. The tester(s) could add comments that may help the buyer, or person wishing to download the plugin if it's free.
Den Team
Den Apr 2 '14
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