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"Terms of use" is not accessible | Forum

Ilja Aug 13 '11
I have added Terms of use page, made it visible for guests and for registrered users (see attachement).But when I click on "Terms of use" link in registration form, oxwall asks me for login/password. Any ideas, what I did wrong?
  Clipboard-1.png (22.85Kb)
FrenZinn.com Aug 14 '11
please try the following steps

1. create a new page eg .ToS
2.go to Language under Settings 
3.Search for Terms of Service
4. Edit the followings terms or line under Base

I agree with <a target='blank' href='{$site_url}Tos ' >terms of use</a>

here ToS refers to the page u r creates for terms of service
so u must replace it with terms of service as per ur screenshot
hope it helps
please let me know if any difficulty
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Ilja Aug 14 '11
Hi, Thanks for help,But the problem persists. It seems system founds this page /tos or /terms-of-use (default). But system permissions somehow asks to login even if it is set as accessible for guests.I've attached screenshots for every step
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  Clipboard-2.jpg (39.5Kb)
  Clipboard-1.jpg (86.57Kb)
  Clipboard-4.jpg (16.91Kb)
Ilja Aug 14 '11
BTW. To clarify: The page is fully accessible when I'm logged in.
Den Team
Den Aug 16 '11
Would you try to update to 1.2.3 please? It was already fixed.
Den Team
Den Aug 16 '11
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Ilja Aug 17 '11

Quote from Addenster
Would you try to update to 1.2.3 please? It was already fixed.
Hi,I'm actually using 1.2.3 version :/
Iheart Aug 17 '11
I verified the latest fresh manual install downloaded aroung August 13 fixed this issue.  I don't see the point of this TOS when u can just create you own button.
Ilja Aug 18 '11
Iheart > The problem is not in button. Problem is when any text page is not accessible and requires login. Even the TOS page which naturally should be readable for both logged and not logged visitors.Maybe it is not the but, maybe it is some misconfiguration of my site. But i see that Addenster moved it to Bug list, therefore it is a bug maybe.