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Multicheckbox has no field for values in User profile questions | Forum

Ilja Aug 14 '11
It seems that after update or somthing, I lost a way to add items to multiplecheckbox when adding a new question in User profile. On the other hand I still can edit items in existing multiplecheckbox questions I've added screenshot of question form.Any ideas?
  Clipboard-1.jpg (75.84Kb)
Den Team
Den Aug 16 '11
Thanks for report. Will check it and fix.
Den Team
Den Aug 16 '11
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Joe Aug 17 '11
I'm having the very same problem in 1.2.2 and 1.2.3
Ted Aug 19 '11
Same problem 1.2.2 and 1.2.3
Mickael Sep 6 '11
Idem :-(

It does'nt save the required and doesn't provide the add items

Any progress ?
Honsa Sep 6 '11
same here
Den Team
Den Sep 7 '11
Will be fixed with next update.
Mickael Sep 7 '11
:-) When would that be ?
Den Team
Den Sep 8 '11
We plan to release it on next week.
Mickael Sep 8 '11
:-) thanks in advance then.
I read on the site that you plan a update every 3 weeks.

I have to say thati'm quite impress with Oxwall (and the guys behind and around). Even i'm still working on local host for tests..

Lars Olsson
Lars Olsson Sep 15 '11

just woundering if anyone know a quick fix for this problem?

I replaced two files from v1.1 and copy the files to v1.23

- base/bol/question_service.php and
- admin/controllers/questions.php

after that it works.

Does this solution effects other things? or is it ok to use this until next update next week. I need this badly :(

Lars Olsson

The Forum post is edited by Lars Olsson Sep 15 '11