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Broken images when changing avatars | Forum

Paolo Oct 21 '10
Hi. I was wondering if anybody else is noticing that when an avatar is changed, the posts with old avatars have broken images instead of either the old or new avatar?
  Screenshot_1.png (20.07Kb)
Christopher Oct 26 '10
I noticed this, too. I assumed it was just an oversight that might be taken care of in a future version.

Would be nice if it kept old Avatars in a special automatically created photo gallery folder. (If the plugin is installed.)
Den Team
Den Oct 28 '10
You are right guys, this glitch is present in software :) Not sure that this is too important bug, but in any way, we will fix it some time later.
Mark Nov 29 '10
has this been solved yet? i am having the same problem
Juan Dec 7 '10
Same here!!
Den Team
Den Dec 8 '10
Back from the past LOL
We have discussed the same issue here. Proflie's activity adds to stream as is. (with link to current profile's thumb). So, then profile changes his avatar, old avatar is removed. And it will take too much resources to search his activity and update his avatar URL.
Crystal Mar 14 '11
Surely this needs to be fixed as with time and members changing avatars the site will end up with a load of broken images, can images not be sourced from Db so that they will be automatically updated throughout the site.
Den Team
Den Mar 15 '11
Sorry, but currently, this is impossible to do. Maybe some time later.
ma3ih Club
ma3ih Mar 15 '11
u can do something easy addenster
add some code in your base site
when some1 choose pic for his/her profile
that pic renamed to his/her username

and if this happen
we dont have this problem anymore
my username is masih
i choose pic for my profile (pic name is Face1.jpg)
and when upload it
pic name chenge to masih.jpg :)
The Forum post is edited by ma3ih Mar 15 '11
Den Team
Den Mar 16 '11
We have discussed it with our dev team many times. This is easy to say "just change pic for avatar in newsfeed stream", but it is not so easy to do it technically :) All activity from all features is send to newsfeed as text. Every line of activity is a text. And currently it is impossible to find out specific user's avatar and replace it.
We need to think about it some deeper.
The Forum post is edited by Den Mar 16 '11
Crystal May 4 '11
Well this problem must be fixed. I know this will not be able to be fixed for existing members but the problem is that images (avatars) are saved as avatar-444-xxxxxxxx
the 444 being the members number and the xxxxxx being the image number. surely it will makes sense to tie everything into the members number as this will always be unique and drop or ignore the image number.
I have to keep changing avatar images in the image files and end up sometimes with multiple images for the same member.

This is non sustainable in the long run as a site grows with 1000's of members and will only get worse if not fixed soon.
Veronica May 5 '11
My users have this avatar picture as their profile picture
and each user is changing their profile pictures 3-4 times a year
in our current community site ie not based on Oxwall

Dropping image number is a must for us to use Oxwall at all