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Photo Plugin Bugs | Forum

ross Team
ross Sep 1 '14
Guys, you can upload one photo at a time to forum or blog posts, while uploading photos via photo plugin, you have more photos, moreover, the uploaded photos have been resized, in order to break into 4 categories of photos, all this takes a lot of time, and the server cannot respond timely, which is why you have a timeout issue. 
SpongeTort Sep 1 '14
Hi Ross,

Thanks for the feedback, however I was only uploading one photo via the photo plugin.

- I don't believe the photo has time to get uploaded and be resized by the server.

I was really looking forward to using the Photo Album feature...  shame to have to disabled it.


Omari Sep 1 '14
what does this mean? And why are we getting the error on the demo site? That is a different server while u do not get the error. It cannot be a server issue. Sergey Kamblins Attachments plugin can upload 20 large photos just fine. Is there a way to disable the timeout for this photo plugin script, Please enquire on this.
WOO May 5 '16
I was redirect to this post, but here is no answer..........................?

Well, I ask a simple question here:

what does the error msg depend on? PHP.ini time limit? or there is a time limit in script within oxwall?  Or both, just the values are same? 

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