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Need Privat Photo Albums Plugin | Forum

Simik Mar 27 '15
No other solution? 

I already paid a not working plugin to Mike, with no fix.... I don't want to risk 30 dollars... 

And I'd need password protection, which is not in the plugin...

Kelvin Mar 27 '15
$30 is over priced. Lake a lot of functions. and still have some bugs and issues. Do not buy from him.
Mike Mar 27 '15
Hello Simik,

i told you that i didnt have much time for my plugins.
i also told you that there isnt a syntax error for all php parsers.

I cant fix something when i dont know why it happens.
Now i have more time so i will work on a fix.

if you find bugs you can create a new topic.
also if you have some suggestions for updates.
i am planing new big updates with a better UI and more functions (share with friends, groups, password, url, ...)
But a big update also will take a lot of time.
Kelvin Mar 27 '15
Mike sound great you are still working on it. You don't need to Huge update that make 6 months to finish. You can just update a little like (password). Then next update (Share) function. That will be better then take long time to wait.
Mike Mar 27 '15
Okay thanks for the reply.
Yes i still work on my plugins (all).

Din Mar 28 '15
Hello. Please do share results as soon as anything is ready.
Mike Mar 28 '15
Hey Din,

at first i will include a password protection for the album and nitifications for shared albums.
Then i think i will change the User interface.

I will write all updates in the Changelog from my plugin.
Simik Mar 28 '15
That's not really my problem as customer... v14 worked, the actual version not... 

and for the private plugin.... 30 dollars is VERY overpriced...
Mike Mar 28 '15
Hey simik,

i know that it isnt your problem.
I am working on a fix with an other oxwall user.
And we are close to fix it.

when you think its overpriced then just dont buy it.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Mar 28 '15

I want to help Mike. We all know that there are many plugins in the store that are a mess, full of defects, incompatible with each other or with severe defects. We all know that is a shame that no plugins are withdrawn and the store and they have been approved.

I was born to beta-tester, I am careful and thorough. Buy the plugins, improved and then use my networks. An unmodified plugin does not work normally. This plugin also has errors, shortcomings and flaws, and we're both working on it. Mike ago and I check it. I pray a little patience and I recommend not buying yet.

$ 30 is fine if it works, and it will work. There are some that can not be fixed and that if it is a waste of money, little or much.

I do not charge for helping Mike, I help the best thing to do to Oxwall Community

Mike May 1 '15
Private album plugin supports now sharing with friends.
it also have a new UI.
John Oct 5 '15
Hi Folks, I've been disinterested in Oxwall for almost a year but thought I'd come back to see what version 8 had to offer. I abandoned the script simply because it lacked the ability to mark any post as "Friends Only". I know this thread is about photos in particular, but aren't we failing to see the forest for the trees? As you're about to see, with a little effort, an Oxwall user should be able to to set any item to private.

I'm amazed that the Oxwall team have added many nice features to version 8, but continue to have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to issues of privacy. It's the only site of its kind that hasn't addressed the issue and I can't understand why.

Years ago I programmed in PHP and I see this issue the least challenging of any. A single field in in each database and a few lines of code will fix the problem forever.

Here's a screenshot from my current site running under another free script:

Notice that every field has the option to be set to logged on users, friends or private.

In the case of photos, many people will only want to restrict general viewing of a couple of photos. An option would be to have a Private or Friends album, but why not make the choice for individual photos and make life easy for everyone.

In case the Oxwall developers haven't noticed, the current privacy settings only allow users to show or hide all. That makes the script next to useless for a huge number of potential users. That could be as high as 75% of the potential market - even more!
John Oct 5 '15
The above should read "a single field in each database record."
Glykeria Sep 17 '17
intresting to buy one, which one?
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