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Add a action button to the profile page | Forum

Arie Mar 28 '15
Hello, I am new to Oxwall.

my question is: how can i add a action button to action toolbar for the profile page? the code is hard to read and there is no logic!

what i need: add action button that i want to use to show or hide profile basic/interest info block. by default on load page block is hidden.
yes i can do this by putting html/javascript in text/html block on profile page  but that doesn't look nice!!! I've searched the forum but i could not find anything on this...

I hope that someone can help me here...
Thanks in advance
  actiontoolbar-addbutton-example.jpg (9Kb)
Taissa Team
Taissa Apr 3 '15
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Arie Apr 3 '15
Taissa, solved this myself also...

Taissa Team
Taissa Apr 3 '15
Arie, we would really appreciate if you'd shared the solution. It may be useful to other community members. Thanks in advance.
Arie Apr 3 '15
Where do i put this then?? Maybe i am missing something or look at the wrong place...
I don't mind sharing the solutions but it seems that members here don't really share code.
Also the response time on forum posts are very long i've noticed!! aren't the members very active here??

Marina Bircher
Marina Bircher Apr 3 '15
We love to share code and our knowhow with the community 

just do it here - post your solution Arie. :)

Arie Apr 3 '15
Here is my added code to create the about me button on the action toolbar that shows or hides the member info block. (just for basic view and not tabbed layout block)
goto profile_action_toolbar.html and open in edit mode.
insert the bold code i inserted and click save.
'--- begin step one
<div class="ow_profile_gallery_action_toolbar ow_profile_action_toolbar_wrap clearfix ow_stdmargin">
<ul class="ow_bl ow_profile_action_toolbar clearfix ow_small ow_left" style="margin-right: 5px;">
<li><a style="cursor:pointer" onclick="toggle();">{text key='base+about_me_widget_default_title'}</a></li>

 <ul class="ow_bl ow_profile_action_toolbar clearfix ow_small ow_left">
        {foreach from=$toolbar item='action'}
                <a {$action.attrs} >

    {foreach from=$groups item="group"}

<div class="clearfix ow_stdmargin"></div>
'--- end step one

'--- begin step two
goto admin profile design page and add a html/text block.
add the following code.
<script>var toggle = function() {
 var mydiv = document.getElementById('memberinfo');
 if (mydiv.style.display === 'block' || mydiv.style.display === '')
 mydiv.style.display = 'none';
 mydiv.style.display = 'block'

'--- end step two

save and goto step three

'--- begin step three
find user_view_section_table.html and open in edit mode.
add bold code in div.
<div id="memberinfo" style="display:none;">
'--- end step three
save and close.

'--- step four
Clear cache and it should work.

Remember to backup all your files before changing any file code!!
I am not responsible for site or DB errors.

The Forum post is edited by Arie Apr 3 '15
Arie Apr 3 '15
Captcha on forgot password form.

if people want to know how to include a captcha field let me know and i will post the code here too. This should be at default in core of Oxwall i think!!

the image(on attachment image) is not included in modification code.
the link: go back to login is not included in modification code.
  forgot-password-captcha.jpg (27Kb)