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Known issues - Private Albums | Forum

Mike Nov 24 '15
No its a standalone plugin.
Steve Nov 27 '15
Hello I have tried to update the private albums on Oxwall Software 1.8.0 using the admin panel but it comes up with the following message (screen shot)


Then when I click on the update I get the follow error messages

Could you please advise

Glen Williamson
Glen Williamson Dec 23 '15
I cannot get the plugin to save in photo ... i.e. when you select Selected Friends only.  It upload, get a checked mark, but disappears when you X out.  What am I doing wrong?
Yanni P-Berlin
Yanni P-Berlin Mar 4 '16

The plugin is bad and work bad. He don't want to fix!

Don't buy plugins from him!

Yanni P-Berlin
Yanni P-Berlin Mar 5 '16
not only my problem, if is plugin was creatred good, i didnt have this problem!

I'm sick to pay for corrupted software created by incompetents!

The Forum post is edited by Yanni P-Berlin Mar 5 '16
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jun 28 '17
Looks like there is a small language issue in the last update under user roles.
  PA Roles.jpg (25Kb)
Mike Jun 29 '17
Hey Darryl,

thanks for your feedback.
This is an unused user role. You can delete it manually in your database at "ow_base_authorization_action" sort by name and remove the entry with "create_0".

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jun 29 '17
Okay. Thought it may have been permission to create an album
Mike Jun 30 '17
Create_0 was the permission to create a public album.
Since there where several problems with that i renamed it to Create_4 for a public album.
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jul 1 '17
After running the update on m test site; I am noticing that when there are more than one pic in an album that the images want load in the floatbox viewer the loader just keeps spinning. When I delete all but one the pic will load in the floatbox viewer. I get the following error in the console using inspect element. My live site still has the previous version running, and works fine displaying the images in the floatbox viewer.

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jul 18 '17
The last update appears to have fixed the viewer issue. Thanks Mike.
Mike Jul 19 '17
Hey Darryl,

yes. The issue was that the first and second picture could not be loaded.
if only one pic is in the album it works.

Its now fixed and should work with all number of pics^^
Rob Aug 22 '17
Returning to your message of 29 June.
We're sorry, but not everyone is home in customizing or deleting rules in a file.
Where is, for example, "ow_base_authorization_action", where can we find it and how should we adapt it so that we can also lose the text create_0.
We are not developers, we also reported this issue in a new discussion about this plugin (August 20)

With regards,
Daydreams Exclusive
Mike Aug 23 '17
Hey Daydreams,

"ow_base_authorization_action" is a table in your database.
please log in to phpmyadmin (or that one you use to manage your database on the server), navigate to
"ow_base_authorization_action", search for the name "create_0" and delete it.

Otherwise you can execute the sql command:
DELETE FROM `ow_base_authorization_action` WHERE name = "create_0"
  Unbenannt.png (205Kb)
Rob Aug 23 '17

Great Mike, so we learned something again.!


Daydreams Exclusive

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