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How do i edit the html of a page? | Forum

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Thomas Apr 13 '15
Please no generic links to oxwall theme tutorials i've been through it all but cannot find a html file.
dave Leader
dave Apr 13 '15
Depends on what page you want to edit.   But html pages are typical located in the follow ways: 

ow_themes/yourtheme/masterpages    you will have a dndindex and a general html page 

also for other pages refer to the plugins html pages which are located as such

ow_plugins/the plugin name/views/controllers/

there are also some for the base of the software


there are other files in other places but they are typically used for widgets and components. 

hope that helps 

dave Leader
dave Apr 13 '15
also remember never never never use a word processing editor to edit html or php or js or any kind of computer code (it leaves hidden special chars in the code and trust me you dont want that mess, you will be pulling your hair out wondering whats wrong with your coding).  Use notepad or notepad++ or programers notepad  

And anytime you copy from a webpage, always!!!!!!  past it to notepad or one of the others i mentioned before you paste it in your code file. 

Hope that helps  

Oxwall Tips
Oxwall Tips Apr 13 '15
Thomas , +1 to Dave's replies.

Which particular page would you like to edit? Which element on the page?

Thomas Apr 14 '15
Thanks for the advice.