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Changelog - Secret Post | Forum

dave Leader
dave Apr 13 '15
V1.0  Build 1  original release
dave Leader
dave Apr 14 '15

V1.1 Build 2

Added some lang keys

Fixed a typo in the disclaimer

Added some header text for the page

Added scrollbar

Added border

Added if (admin or moderator) can delete on secret page

Upcoming on the agenda is to work with replies and some kind of reply management we will see how that goes. I didn't want to do everything at once.

If this gets too many features i will need to charge more. Sorry but it was originally never intended to have tons of features, so i will price fair and accordingly.  It was intended to give a low cost option for the feature.  But we will see how this goes and how the demand is for it. 

dave Leader
dave Apr 16 '15

version 1.2 build 3 change log 

removed black background - changed mind and wanted to try to meet all theme viewability so i removed that black ground in the last version. 

Add reply button to each reply - in order to delete a reply you will need to either delete the whole secret with the delete button provided or you can do so via phpMyadmin 

Added block decorator to the viewing area 

Added a reply form

Added checking if mod or admin - only admins or mod can see the del button on the page

Added more lang keys 

Lengthened the form 400 to 600 for better viewing

Widened date field area so that the date does not wrap on some themes. 

Added new database table for replies 

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dave Leader
dave Apr 22 '16
Version 2.0 build 4

fixed a small var init issue
redid some css to better display on dark themes - thanks Darryl B...  :) for the css suggestions, i modified your suggestions just a bit and i think you will like the result.

Changed the reply icon to a actual reply icon lol - thanks again Darryl B... :)
Increased the text size of the disclaimer - thanks again Darryl B... :)

Enjoy... tested on 1.8.2 


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dave Leader
dave Jul 10 '16
Version 3 build 5  released 07/09/2016 1135pm

>added new css to files for disclaimer view

>changed css to allow for better mobile view

>added new language value

>removed static folder - not used not needed - added logic to update file to remove dir

be sure to clear your cache please after the update, thanks 

i also wanted to thank Darryl B.  https://developers.oxwall.com/user/dgbeard

for his wonderful suggestions and css help on this.. he had some great ideas and i implemented them :)

thats it folks. 

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dave Leader
dave Jul 25 '16
version 4 build 6 released 07/25/2016 1030am

>added cancel button to both add and reply pages

>added permission user roles including guest for view, add, and reply

Be sure if you want guest to post that you also select guest option on the plugin button in admin pages and also that you select that guests can view the site in admin settings.

Also remember that all permission are checked by default, even guest, so make sure you uncheck guest in roles if you dont want guests using the plugin.

important - small error in the original update has been corrected as of 1040am UT -7  07/27/2016

thats it folks, enjoy

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dave Leader
dave Nov 8 '16
Version 5 build 7 released 11/8/2016 330pm

> added pagination

> added config value for pagination (items per page) in plugin config

Thats it folks..  thanks 


dave Leader
dave Jan 20 '17
Version 6 build 8 release 01/20/2017 331am

>added captcha to new and reply forms

>added settings in plugin config for option to enable or disable captcha

>added settings in plugin config for question and answer text content

>fixed some small bugs and typos

Thats it folks... thanks


dave Leader
dave Jan 20 '17
Version 7 build 9 released 01/20/2017 359PM

Well folks i didnt even get the first update out the door and people did not like the way i did the captcha form and did not like that they didnt have multiple question so here we go with another update. 

>converted field for captcha question to display variable type of output

>added 3 additional questions and answers to the plugin config section (total of 4)

>added random logic so that the questions will be displayed at random

OK thats all till next update.. no more today... 

UPDATE: found a very small issue with captcha answers and have corrected that. The new files are in place now 01/21/2017 and 12:13am.  All is well now.. :)

Thanks :)


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dave Leader
dave Jan 23 '17
Version 8 Build 10  Released 01/23/2017 4:10PM

>fixed issue with captcha answer and correct answer

thats it folks.. my goof up.. 


dave Leader
dave Jan 30 '17
Version 9 Build 11 Released 01/30/2017 2:20am

>fixed form display added proper cols value to extend the full width of form

>added anonymous newsfeed on new secret post and new reply. 

Special Note: Newsfeed requires valid user ID to be able to post feed. So all new secrets and reply notifications on newsfeed will show the site admin.  This is the best way without creating an anonymous user for the site.  There is still 100% anonymous for the actual secret or secret reply posted, its just that we had to use some valid id in order to add a newsfeed event, so we chose the admin id because every site has an admin.  

This does not mean that admin posted the secret or secret reply, it just means the notification on the newsfeed was from admin letting others know of new event. 

Thats it folks...

Dave :)

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dave Leader
dave Feb 2 '17
Version 10 Build 12 Released 02/02/2017 at 12:05AM

>kept user data in form when wrong captcha or form fails

>added pretext to newsfeed link

>added new css file to load on event

>added event listener for newsfeed - this will prevent the admin avatar from showingin the newsfeed - which could confuse users to think that admin posted message. For more info on this pelase see note in previous release. 

NOTE: be sure to clear your cache as there is new css involved in this update.

Thats it folks.. 

Thanks Dave :)

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dave Leader
dave Feb 2 '17
Version 11 Build 13 Released 02/02/2017 3:15PM

> fixed bug  issue where replys were not being deleted when secret was deleted. 

> corrected personal lang text that was wrongly included from test site.

> removed support for html in textarea. Js is also not supported. Both will be removed prior to saving content.

> added event listener to stop the display of the admin avatar on the newsfeed. This will help to prevent confusion thinking that admin is posting secrets.  Now it is anonymous in newsfeed as well. 

NOTE: you dont have to do this it should be fine if you dont. 

This issue has been fixed in this version. But if you want a clean the previous dead reply records from the reply table do the following. 

First make a backup to save you if you make a mistake. Export the two secret post tables (export data and structure) so you can import it back if you make a mistake.

Then export both tables (data only) and open the file and compare the "id" field in the secret text archive table to the "secretid" field in the reply archive.  

If the secretid field in the reply archive does not match the id field in the text archive table then remove that reply record, because the main secret that was associated with the reply is no longer there so the reply is actually not associated with anything and is a dead record. 


In this example the items 4 and 5 are no longer associated with anything because 4 and 5 does not match the existing ids in the text archive, so we can remove those replys they are replys to nothing anymore. 

Text archive (id field)    reply archive (compare the secretid field - NOT THE ID FIELD)

1                                     1

2                                     2

3                                     3

6                                     4     remove this record

7                                     5     remove this record 

Again leaving old replies is not going to hurt anything but some of you i know dont want data in your tables that does not need to be there.  Its up to you if you remove the old reply records or not. 

Special Note:  If you have never deleted any posts from the secret page then you should be OK and not have to do anything now that the bug is fixed.

Thats it folks...

Thanks dave ")

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dave Leader
dave Apr 24 '20
Version 12 Build 14 Released 04/24/2020 7:38PM

Added mobile version.


Thats all folks.. :) 

Enjoy Dave

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