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Change Log - Deactivate All | Forum

dave Leader
dave Apr 18 '15
Version 1.0 Build 1  original version 
dave Leader
dave Apr 28 '15
still orig version just added a closed tag that was missing. 
dave Leader
dave Apr 19 '16
Version 2.0 Build 3

added primary and secondary plugin special deactivation instructions

added any third party plugin special deactivation instructions i was presented with.

added additonal error management control

added addtional code to manage the absence of data in submits

changed and added some text to admin pages 

note:  sadly however we have had to leave out the plugins friends, notifications, and mailbox due to process developments which we still do not understand. Please see here for more information. 


this was tested extensively on 1.8.2  and ran just fine. 

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Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Apr 22 '16
Thanks Dave
dave Leader
dave Apr 25 '16
Sadly i forgot to include the lang zip file and the update.php file in the update folder... grrrr  

i just fixed it so if you installed this update you'll have to import the lang.zip again from the root plugin copy (which is current) as they were not installed because they were not in the update folder...

So sorry about that.... :(

But its fixed on the download now... 

ps... if you uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled then you are just fine because it loaded the new values on install. 

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dave Leader
dave Jul 2 '16
Version 3 Build 4 release 07/02/2016 647pm

>added exclusion for the hint plugin

  (again see  topic) https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/47059

>added support for docplus plugin

>added support for ultimatevideo plugin

>fixed small bug in basic plugins deactivate process

>small text change to clarify only

Also this was one of my orig plugins and i really did not understand the automatic update process at the time so you may see the version go from 1 to 4 or 2 to 4.  If that happens its ok, now that i understand how the update process works serveral of my first plugins i will need to bring up to date via the system.

thats it folks.. 


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dave Leader
dave Jul 13 '16
Version 4 build 5 released 07/13/2016 219am

>added logic to work with skadate software version

>added language for same

>cleaned up some unused code

thats it folks 

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dave Leader
dave Apr 29 '18

I have asked other devs with newer released plugins to let me know if they have any special deactivate instructions so i can add their plugin to this, but very few have done so.  So you may still have some plugins left over to do deactivate manually. 

Since i am now retired, there will be no more updates to this plugin unless it is a bug... 
dave Leader
dave Jul 18 '20

Version 5 build 6 released 07/18/2020 12:18pm

See this forum post..


Thanks dave :)

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