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Suggestions - Account Type Changer | Forum

dave Leader
dave Apr 29 '15
Im all ears if you have a suggestion to make this better or more workable for your situation. 
Dirk Jun 30 '15
Hi Dave,

Does this plugin means the option will be hidden at the join page?

dave Leader
dave Jun 30 '15
Honestly i have not tested to see if the join page still has the option or not.  Im pretty sure there is no effect and the join page will still show all options because the option comes from the registration options side of things.  This plugin just allows admin to change the account type from the admin side so that you dont  have to answer a bunch of questions to change it. 

Normally what happens is that without this plugin if you change the account type you have to answer specific questions as if you were the user.  Well, who knows how the user would answer some of those questions, you dont want to answer for them if you dont know what they might put.  Especially if you have specific questions for a specific account type. 

This plugin allows you to change the account type without having to worry about that. 

Dirk Jul 15 '15
Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for this plugin. I would make a suggestion that might help allot of people and make them very happy.

There a few topic regarding hiding the Account type question on the join page. Also the account type question pops up as a mandatory to fill out. 

Is there a possibility you can make this plugin with:

 - Disable the question on the join page

 - Force users to the default account type (so users cant change this themselves)

Let me know if this is possible. And you will be the hero of Oxwall :) see topics:

 - http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/26718?&page=2

 - http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/7676?&page=2


dave Leader
dave Jul 15 '15
I will take a look and see what i can do, thanks for the suggestion.  :)
dave Leader
dave Apr 21 '16
Hi Dirk, 

Just following up with you on this.  After looking into this, we have not been able to offer this at this time.  The main reason is that the process we have is strictly admin side, it does not process on the user side at all and is simply a admin utility that changes the values in the database. 

I will keep the idea in mind if i do a similar plugin on the users side or one for registration in the future. 

Thank you for the suggestion and keep them coming, much appreciated. 

Dave :)

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