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Upgrade ERRORS - Nightclubbing | Forum

Brother Andrew
Brother Andrew Jul 2 '15
EVERY TIME That I UPGRADE This THEME, I Get The SAME ERROR.  Below Is What Daisy Wrote Me In Regards To That.

"This error can be caused by the theme and you should ask the theme developer to look into this issue."
  FoY-THEME-ERROR-06-30-15.png (17Kb)
Hybrid Sep 15 '15
Your not alone on this Andrew...I have been having this same issue for a long time.

It occurs on this theme AND on the Facebook - Go Dark theme of theirs.

Anyway, since this thread is relatively new, I'll readdress my issues again:

Hey there OW Visuals,

Apparently this has yet to be resolved.  This is still occurring where on this theme and on your "Facebook - Go Dark" theme - I receive errors when trying to update it.  This still ONLY occurs on these two themes of yours.  All your other themes seem okay and update with no errors or issues at all...and I have 4 other themes of yours.

Please resolve this issue.  I have attached yet another screenshot/image for you as an attachment AND below this text.

I really enjoy your themes, but this is getting really old when receiving these errors every time we need to update these two specific themes.

The Forum post is edited by Hybrid Sep 15 '15
  Image2.png (96Kb)
Brother Andrew
Brother Andrew Sep 16 '15
Thanks Hybrid!  :--)
Brother Andrew
Brother Andrew Sep 18 '15
OK, Thanks!  :--)
Hybrid Sep 18 '15

Quote from OW Visuals Hello, there,

We are trying to find out what causing this notice, an we asked DEV team for help in solving this. Please keep in mind, this is not error, this is notices.

For valid KEY, there may be several reasons, you have changed server, IP or something like that. You just need to reset you license key and it will start working again.

Kind regards.

One is a notice, the other two are warnings.  Even if warnings are notices, having this occur every time I update these two themes is really annoying.  I have many themes, most of which are from you guys, and these other themes update just fine with no issues what-so-ever.

I hope this can be fixed.  Please keep us posted!

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