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Compatibility concern with Sardar's "0xArt Advanced SEO" - Group Cover | Forum

Brian Jul 5 '15

I just installed a few other plugins including the SEO plugin.

Event cover

Group cover

After install I noticed 2 things:

- Hint (plugin) the groups and events (users was never affected) no longer opened the pop-up by "mouse-over"

I narrowed it down to the SEO plugin.

After deactivating SEO plugin:

- Pop-ups came back for groups and events (Hint Plugin)

Sardar said in Feb 2015 he spoke with you and that you were going to have this compatibility issue fixed with the next updates?

Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Jul 6 '15


Hint plugin parses groups and events url and gets group/event id from the url. The plugin uses the id to fetch data about the hovered group or event. In case with SEO plugin, the urls format is changed and Hint plugin can not correctly find group or event by the modified url. 

That is why if you changed groups or events urls from SEO plugin, Hint plugin will stop working with these urls.

We fixed similar issue with profile urls, but it is not as simple to do it with groups and events. We discussed it Sardar but did not found a way so far. We will try to solve the issue in future updates.

The Forum post is edited by Sergey Kambalin Jul 6 '15
Brian Jul 6 '15
Thanks Sergey!
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