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Suggestions - Shoutbox | Forum

Zaph Apr 18 '12
Please, leave your suggestions here
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jeo May 4 '12
greate plugin but needs also to be a shoutbox for profile pages! please add this option thanks
jeo May 16 '12
and also aloud users to comment posts in the shouldbox and dissplay on friends newsfeeds.
Zaph May 17 '12
Actually, shoutbox is a kind of a chat and the aim is that you can comment it by your own post.

JB TECH Aug 31 '12
Maybe there should be an extended version, for a few extra, where you can host up to atleast 5 shoutboxes on their own pages so they can be treated as user integrated chatrooms.
jeo Sep 3 '12
ok but more idea's: how about an option that a user can send a message to all groups, all users dashboard & to all friends dashboards. With usercredits price for each type of post.
jeo Sep 8 '12
how about usercredits for each post.
JB TECH Sep 16 '12
This really could use more to the admin side. Maybe the ability to suspend/ban certain users from using it, deleting messages, adding your own smiles, see a full list of every message entered on there.
Zaph Sep 16 '12

Moderators of Shoutbox and Admin are able to delete messages now. If you are an Admin Delete button will appear on hover of bad message.

Under "see a full list of every message entered on there" you mean see entire history of shoutbox?

Thanks for suggestions Jake!

The Forum post is edited by Zaph Sep 16 '12
JB TECH Sep 17 '12
Nice, I can delete the messages. And yes, I mean see the entire history of shoutbox messages. That could help find any member who may have broken a site's terms of use by using non-approved messaging. 

And we could really use custom smiles sets, and your welcome :)

Zaph Sep 27 '12
I'm preparing new build according to your suggestions

What will be in the new revision

- custom smiles

- suspend user with ability to set a time of ban

- view history

I hope I'll finish it to the second part of October

What else do you want to see?

Soundchum web solution
Great idea for new build zaph

but in version messages take more time to send how can i speed messages ?

Zaph Sep 27 '12
Quote from Ashraf Nagah Great idea for new build zaph

but in version messages take more time to send how can i speed messages ?

Actually in the beginning Shoutbox was not meant to be an Instant Chat. It is a place where people could post their thoughts.

You can decrease ping interval in the widget settings, but it will increase a load to your server, so it's not recommended...

The only decision I see is using of some Long polling solutions. But they won't work on shared hosting for example. 

JB TECH Oct 8 '12
One more suggestion would be to let the user send a shoutbox message directly to another like using @Testuser Hi! and @Testuser would be a link to their profile.
Zaph Oct 19 '12
New build has been released!


custom smiles

Admin can add their own smiles

- suspend user with ability to set a time of ban

Admin can suspend users who break the rules of the site

- view history

Now members can view the old messages in the floatbox

- Messages to member

Twitter-like applying to other members

- Optimization of message sending 


The Forum post is edited by Zaph Oct 19 '12
JB TECH Oct 19 '12
Thanks Zaph, I love that you took a lot of my ideas and made them real! :) 
Joseph Oct 24 '12
can there be an option to show user names?
JB TECH Oct 24 '12
Here's some more suggestions I have:

Gift Buy - User can send/buy a gift right from the Chatpage by scrolling over a user message and clicking "Send Gift" or something and it opens the gifts window.

Native Pages - Allow to have like several native pages to make it seem a bit like chatrooms?

Private Convo - Let users have a private convo via the shoutbox

Joseph Oct 25 '12
Allow users to add their own smileys and be able to look up all smileys
JB TECH Nov 4 '12

That's a nice idea, but moderation might be tough, and if you run a popular site, it will take more server resource from you to have every member upload their own smiles.

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