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notifications question - OF Counter | Forum

Sean Dec 10 '15
Okay I will go ahead and make it available for Android then, but I better get no complaints from Apple users lol!
ketkew Dec 10 '15
Jeeej :) (.. its time for them to buy an Android then :P)
JoshWho Dec 10 '15

Quote from ketkew Jeeej :) (.. its time for them to buy an Android then :P)
lol 100% Apple sucks anyway.
Sean Dec 16 '15
It's in development guys but won't be completed until the new year as I am with family for XMAS now.
ketkew Dec 16 '15
No problem at all! Happy XMAS and NY ☺
JoshWho Dec 16 '15
Sounds good to me. Get to start the new year with a bang. Happy holidays. 
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 19 '15
i have noticed facebook and few others now have this working on my desktop 
if i have facebook open i can be on another site or not even on the net and i get notifications 
opo ups on my desktop
Sean Dec 20 '15
Yea tammy but only if the browser supports it. Not all browsers have it implemented yet, and those that do have done it all slightly differently. To start with I will only be supporting chrome browser and Android. 
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tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 20 '15
yeah cool what u can  is all awesome 
Sean Feb 4 '16
I should have this completed by Monday. I will also be accepting PayPal payments then too to buy the plugin.
JoshWho Feb 4 '16
Sweet. Can't wait.........   :)  You are awesome 
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Anitaku Feb 4 '16
Tecca Feb 4 '16
Cool beans!
Tecca Feb 11 '16
Not to rush you, but any update on when you might make this available? Really excited for it.
JoshWho Feb 11 '16
I was starting to wonder which monday you was talking about.
Sean Feb 12 '16
I had a death in the family the day after I posted this so had to put things on hold. I will pick it up again next week. 
JoshWho Feb 12 '16
ok Sorry to hear that.
Tecca Feb 12 '16
Sorry for your loss, Sean, please take all the time you need to mourn, this is unimportant in comparison.
Sean Feb 15 '16
Guys the plugin has now been updated. The following browsers are currently supported, once support for other browsers becomes available they will be added:

Chrome (desktop)



Firefox OS (v1.2+)

Firefox Mobile (Android)

To upgrade please uninstall and delete the plugin if you currently have it installed and then upload and install this one.

Paypal is now also a payment option.

The Forum post is edited by Sean Feb 15 '16
Tecca Feb 15 '16
Awesome, purchased. Uploading it now.
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