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Umm... no - Mobile Application | Forum

David Nov 8 '15
$499.00 for THIS!?   Are they HIGH?  This is a 30 buck app and from what I'm seeing, it's buggy as hell.  Don't rip people off, man. That's uncool.
Manolito Cienfuegos
Manolito Cienfuegos Nov 10 '15
do you crazy 499??????????????????????? jajajajja
Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Apr 11 '16
Did you mean $49 and added an extra 9 by mistake ? If not then what ever you're smoking has a very long overdue expiry date...!!!
OW_Ghost Apr 13 '16
the price is way to high....if you want build a mobile app and members pay you for fix bugs

 then you need go down to 49 buck not 499 loooool

YouNetCo Apr 13 '16
Dear all,

Thank you very much for your interest in our Mobile Application.

Yes, the price is exactly $499. This price is worth it because our Mobile Application is a dedicated app, not just a simple plugin itself. It has unique layout and many native features such as: Push Notification, Gesture Control, Offline Mode, Device Orientation, Admob Support, Other Native Components.... We've already delivered many Mobile Application projects to our customers and they are happy with them. 

By the way, we do understand the fact that many of you would like to try our Mobile App in advance in order to make sure you make the right investment. Thus we also offer Mobile Application Subscription program with a small monthly payment of $59. For more details, you can check our posting at https://oxwall.younetco.com/...monthly-payment.html

Thank you very much for all of your concerns. 

Best Regards,


Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Apr 13 '16
There's no way in hell...Even heaven i would pay $499 because your support for $39 is bad...I told you your Social Bridge is not working and still you dont fix it and Ultimate News doesn't pull feeds. Now imagine the $499 with no support.
OW_Ghost Apr 14 '16
no support 499 usd what a nightmare...if there was lifelong support 24 hours a day and upgrades free. help with bugs quick response time hmmm maybe but i feel i can have skadate package for same price. i thinking they are copy skadates mobile apps or maybe it is same but just different names ...i feel the app is very expensive...is there any demo page? or demo app to download?

i was review the post here and see he only answer post he want to answer what a nightmare buy a 499 usd app from him. he will only answer when he feels to answer. look the post here and do you own review about this guy. i feel he ignore people not buy bee aware another just answer when i want dev here at oxwall.

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Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Apr 14 '16

What you see o their demo is not what you get my friend.....!!!

ilkok social network
500$ is very expensive.
OW_Ghost Apr 10 '17
It have no support for skadate software. you have to pay them BIG money for get you skadate software support this app.

And believe it or not they told me other skadate user is use they apps but then WHY do other skadate users that want to buy they apps need pay them EXTRA money for use they apps if they already develop a code that support for skadate software? i call that greede business

they are not good at business the only thing i can say...i have not test they apps yet ,so i can not tell if they good at coding.

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Codebrono Aug 20 '18
Estoy en desarrollo de una aplicación móvil para oxwall pronto la lanzare creo que el próximo año y la oferta a un precio muy inferior a $ 50 y $ 20 por modificación especial;) 
saludos :)
Morena Milani
Morena Milani Oct 12 '18
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