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Responsive Simplicity theme | Forum

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Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Nov 26 '15
After some trial and error with media queries. I think I have finally cracked the shell on the Simplicity theme. I also made a few modifications to fix some issues with the theme. I only had one plugin issue with the small screen because it apparently doesn't look at the container width, and throws the info off the screen. That could just be hidden on the small screen. Check the screen shots. This is a customized version that isn't in the store, but if you are interested maybe I'll throw it out there, if Oxwall  is okay with it.
Dnyan Nov 26 '15
Wow you did a good job.

You can also post here about what changes to be done in css.

If you want to post it as responsive theme then do some colorfull changes with blue pallate to make colors shade to match fb and then post it as new theme.

Themes in store are nothing but
Changes in css to make it look better.
Icons changed with appealing one.

Thats it.
Theme doesent allowed to change your core files they only change appearance with css and icons.

So you can make changes to simplicity and produce a beautiful responsive theme and make it available on store.

Best of luck

In mean time post here changes to be done in @media to make it fully responsive.

You can compare css file of ethos theme as they produce responsive theme and have ugly side bar in desktop version.
Thanks for posting dear
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Nov 26 '15
There are several changes. The theme has some media queries set that I used as a base. They worked okay at 768 and up, but under that was a bit of a task. I'm still finding little things. I used the developer tool in firefox to see the responsive layouts, and used insepct element to make adjustments for the lower screen sizes. I wanted to get the base theme to be responsive so I could use it as a base. media queries are all about size and placement. Colors are added to the regular css.  I am not a pro by any means. Just a user with a little more understanding of css. I definitely have a respect of what developers go through to make a theme.
Dnyan Nov 27 '15
Good work bro.

Some pagesbecame responsive on mobile.