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Onur Jan 23 '16
i bought from here over 500$ plugins. if i have 2-3 website. will i use plugins wich i bought. or need to buy again for everywebsite a  new plugins. for new lisance  systems...

i mean.. for to use my other websites, i must to buy same plugin 2-3 times?

Den Team
Den Jan 25 '16
Hello onur,

As it is stated in Oxwall Store Commercial License definition:

This commercial software is intended to be used with Oxwall Free Community Software on one domain/website. To use this piece of software on additional websites/domains The User needs to purchase additional licenses.

So, you need to purchase additional license for each domain.

tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 25 '16
yes and what a stuff up this is we now can not have test install on our home systems 
we can not have test sites 

way to go to completely stop every one from developing anything for oxwall

tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 25 '16
go look other software they allow 2 or 3 installs 

what u idiots have done is kill oxwall and any development anyone wants to do 
tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 25 '16
i have spent over $1200 on plugins from your store and 70% of them are useless

and u idiots want my buy 3 licences of them all just so i can have a home test install

a live test install

and my main website 

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Anitaku Jan 25 '16
Completely greedy move by oxwall. With rules like this you would expect better quality control of plug ins. No service for double the price. Good idea... -_-
tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 25 '16
this stupid decision is not and will not make ppl buy licences 
it will just make them go to other platforms

you want ppl buy licence fix the freaking store and get the dev and the oxwall dev yeah there plugins dont work for long time as well

to fix there plugin update them make them work right make them work on mobile view 
and the ppl that dont have licances will want to buy them 

but that to simple for oxwall nah let do it the hard way and stuff everything up and make every one leave oxwall 

bunch of idiots
tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 25 '16
and il bet a box of beer that the wankers at scaffer are behind all of this 

tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 26 '16
we were working on a plugin that emulated your main site on a test install 
you can then make changes on the test install and once happy all is good then simple click a button to update main site

but this has fu this idea up and made me lose a lot of time and money 

thanks idiot oxwall  

tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 26 '16
oxwall and scaffer read and understand this 

owall was almost dead because of the crap in the store 
plugins that dont work
plugins with no support at all 
plugins that have never worked
scammers like younett running there scam in the store
even oxwall team plugins that dont work for long time and no support

theres stuff all plugin in the store that work together so makes then useless to anyone

the whole show is one big stuff up after another

who ever is in charge of this sinking ship should be sacked   

oxwall has stuffed it self up big time 

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tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 26 '16
ooo and do your self a favour and search google for forums 

oxwall name is mud 
everyone is being told to stay away for this big pile of stinking crap
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