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khairun Apr 24 '16
Hi All,

I have purchased this in the past (2013)


this is was the first responsive themes with oxwall templates.

But unfortunately I have lost the access the files and it seem that the developer has abandon this so there wont be any update.

Or perhaps anyone knows if they are still around?

dave Leader
dave Apr 25 '16
Its been a year since the last update and its only applicable through version 1.7.4  unless you can somehow get a reply from the developer i would seriously look at going to a more out of the box theme.  Because it appears that they may have no intention of updating that theme. 


Kjeitil, i agree with you on many things just be careful you don't want to post that too often or you could get accused of spamming the board, and i know you don't want that. :)


khairun Apr 25 '16

I have received response from developer, unfotunately they said

Unfortunately this theme is not supported anymore and has been removed from sale

That ia not good, Im use to invest on several company for digital asset.
What is oxwall responsibility for this?

If they running out business that i could understand.
I have asked them an exchanges with other supported themes.
I hope thay would understand.

dave Leader
dave Apr 25 '16
Oxwall is not responsible if a developer decides to stop selling a theme. However, the theme is still available for sale in the store and HAS NOT been removed from sale.  If this is still the theme you are referring to http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/445

So if that is the case and they intend to remove it from sale then they need to just delete it from the store, or put the price for free and advertise that it is "AS IS" with no support. 

If i were you i would forward that conversation you had with the developer to Oxwall so that they can delete the item from the store if the developer refuses to do so.   It only take seconds to delete a store item, i am not sure why the developer has taken so long to do so.  

Regarding your situation, i am sorry you are in this situation, it does happen but sadly it is part of being in business. Business is risk, and sometimes in business things happen with suppliers or vendors that are not good, but there is life after this. :) 

Just search for another theme, maybe a standard theme would be useful.  I wish i had better words for you.  You can always explain to your customers or members that the theme is just no longer available or supported, most people understand this kind of thing happens.  

Dave :)

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khairun Apr 26 '16
Hi Dave

Yes I'm referring to  http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/445

I will do per your suggestion.

Best regards, Khairun

OW-Ghost Apr 26 '16

I suggest you not give up and just let people scam you and ignore it. i suggest you support people here that have same problems and try post about it as much you can do. there is never okey to have rules like this in my opinion. it is bad for both part in long run.

Kjetil try to post here about new rules. and i fell the rules he talk about is good for everyone but not for developers that want fast money and run away later.

sadly sometimes there is the best to do to get heard and for have more people back you up when you get lost you plugin or theme at oxwall store.

Maybe if we lucky some new rules can bee implemented but i know to 99% it will never happen but i keep hope for the 1% that it will happen and it will bee good for everyone at oxwall even for they who not like it in the long run


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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Apr 28 '16
"Kjetil try to post here about new rules. and i fell the rules he talk about is good for everyone but not for developers that want fast money and run away later."

Thanks for that. Its clearly true.
OW-Ghost Apr 29 '16
I suggest you should talk with this 2 guys:




the candystore responsible

Egor Bulgakov Sergey Kambalin
This 2 people who was take you money and run away from the plugin later, a problem we will see many times here if nothing changes about the rules in oxwall store.

They are or was Team members here and when i look at candystore support i never see so bad support in my life. Can not believe they are in the Team here with that bad support when read many complains on they plugins forum that they never answers buyers. 

a long list here cold bee posted, why it have to bee like this? I think nobody feels good have it like that in the long run.

I would not sleep good in the night time to acting like this to people support and buy they products, but maybe they sleep very good?


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khairun Apr 30 '16
Hi Marcus,

I think on my case, they have decided to abandon this program, i saw that they have many contribution on the oxwal core development and plugin.
And know they have skadate.com software which work on dating site niche and wich would cost you thousands dollar investment.
This liquid themes could be simply obsolute and no longer profitable to invest the time and money for them. I guess.

OW-Ghost Apr 30 '16

Hi Khairun,

Enjoy you next theme buy here at oxwall store as long it last?(probalby the same time you buy the last one or less) before they will work on another theme project again that make them money quickly because new and they can move on to next new theme and the wheels just spins like this to some people tell or many tell they not like it and there should bee some better rules at oxwall store.


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Elizabeth Johanson
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Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan Nov 18
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