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Error in Oxwall 1.8.3 - SeoText | Forum

Bryan May 22 '16
Hey there,

When attempting to save in SEO Text, I get hit with an "Error."

Oleg Dubrov
Oleg Dubrov May 23 '16
Hello Bryan,

Rreally strange error, 

Which version of the oxwall (or skadate) do you use? Did it work ok before?

Thank you for report

The Forum post is edited by Oleg Dubrov May 23 '16
Bryan May 23 '16
I'm using version 1.8.3, it worked on 1.8.2 and below before the upgrade. It still displays what I have input from the previous versions (top text section, description, etc), but after the upgrade it produces this error when trying to save.
The Forum post is edited by Bryan May 23 '16
Oleg Dubrov
Oleg Dubrov May 26 '16
I'm sorry for delayed fix, finally I have found the cause of the error. 

Last version of the plugin (v1005) should work fine on all oxwall platform versions.

Bryan May 26 '16
Great, thanks! I had just been using the database directly, which was okay as a workaround.
Stan Jun 5 '16
Did you update the plugin or where can I find the version v1005? I´m using Skadate
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