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Change Log - Ultimate Captcha | Forum

dave Leader
dave May 31 '16
Version 1.0 Build 1

First version 

dave Leader
dave Jun 3 '16
Version 1.2 Build 2  released 06/03/2016 800pm

>added a new lang key

>added text for obtaining reCaptcha key for new users

>small text change on admin config page

thats it folks :)

dave Leader
dave Oct 23 '16
Version 3.0 Build 3 released 10/23/2016 412am

(version 2.0 skipped)

>added logic to allow recaptcha to follow same lang code as site selection

>modified lang for recaptcha language default - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ NEW DESCRIPTION in the plugin admin under recaptcha tab.

>added more words to the wordlist - PLEASE READ THE NEW README FILE.  

Thats it folks! :)


dave Leader
dave Nov 1 '16
Version 4.0 Build 4.0 released 11/1/2016 12:06am

>fixed bug in syntax error - added single quotes

>added more security logic to admin 

>removed old Oxwall config value variable which is not used anymore by Oxwall

Thats it folks... :)

dave Leader
dave Jul 14 '17
Version 5 Build 5 Released 07/14/2017 7:27pm

added >  added process so when the plugin does turn itself off due to sensing config trouble, it will notify admin of that fact.   Here is a sample of that email.

Subject: Ultimate Captcha Plugin Disabled

Dear Admin,

This is to notify you that the Ultimate Captcha Plug has disabled itself as a precaution. This means that one of your plugin config settings or your questions available is not correct.

When the Ultimate Captcha senses that something is wrong and to avoid the user who is currently trying to register from being unable to register. The Ultimate Captcha plugin will automatically shut itself down and revert back to the Oxwall core default captcha thus allowing the current user to finish their registration.

If you receive this email please check the type of captcha you are using and be sure that you have the correct settings as well as enough types of questions to allow the plugin to work properly.

This happened during execution of this class ULTIMATECAPTCHA_CLASS_UltimatecaptchaField. If you wish to re-enable the plugin you may do so using the plugin admin config and place a checkmark in the appropriate box.

Thanks Auto System Notification


It will let you know what class has the error so that you know which section of the config you need to check your settings.

not fixed >  it was suggested to fix the padding for portrait size regarding the padding 10px  however that was only found in the jquery themes section and i dont modify that section, thats up to jquery to do that.

fixed > updated a css issue that needed updating.

fixed > corrected the call for the language key value in order to properly use the language key process with recaptcha.

Thats it folks...


The Forum post is edited by dave Jul 14 '17
dave Leader
dave Apr 29 '18
Since i am now retired, there will be no more updates to this plugin unless it is a bug... 

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