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NEW plugins and low quality! | Forum

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OW-Ghost Nov 2 '16
I notice many new plugins in the store and i must say this:

SUPER GREAT NEWS! I very happy and i like it very much keep it up!

BUT!!!! The plugins that is released are half made sometimes and have to much buggs and many of this new developer just no time update they newly plugins because they are working on release other new plugins!

This is totally wrong! FIX the bugs before you move on to other new projects!

And we buyers are not any analyze tool for you make a great plugin, we have other things to do then analyze you newly plugin that YOU earn money on and not share that money with they who analyze it for you!

This is moderation team at oxwall mainly fault because they see only dollar in they eyes and want release so much plugins they can as quick as possible and let us buyer do the analyze work with not finished plugins

FINE i can do free work and analyze new plugins, i like analyze and make things better

BUT then let this new developers fix they plugin first and not give them release more plugins one after one with same issue lack of analyze and bug fixing!

do we want a quality store or a mass producing plugin store what is most importen, for me is the quality not how many plugins i have installed on my website.

but for oxwall is importen to show to everyone they have many plugins in the store ,even that half is not working!

Soon i get new developer here i think i would pass this moderation team easy, they analyze i think is max 30 minut and then say okey post the plugin in the store let they other do the work with analyze it. okey i can do that but i see they not care fix the buggs and release new plugins one after one. and it will not bee more time to them if they open new projects with new bugs and then open a new project after that one....i feel it is for earning money quickly and not care if they product work or not work fully...maybe they care but they no time update they plugin that is totally new i see that clearly in the store. buggs reported and they move on to other plugin projects...is not good at all....i want have plugin that fully working when i buy a product or a developer that fix the issues in 1 week or 2

the developers that know this not they or they would not do like this can ignore this topic but to they others what are you thinking about?money?quality?time for you fix buggs? do you have time fix you new plugin if not please not post more new plugins if you no time fix you first new plugin the store already have old plugins that not works!

What a joke...

I think i have buy 5-8 new plugins and i not see 1 that did not have issues or buggs....that is okey all software have...but why move on with other projects and sell at store when the new FIRST plugin never was working great. it only creates to much plugins with buggs at the store and we buyers need wait for they bee fixed and that is not fair becasue we buy new plugin and think it would work.

This is my mainly message of this topic:


>>> Spend the time you have for NOT create another NEW plugin, spend that time fix you first NEW plugin! <<<

(dave if you read this, i not want put any store issue on you list and you forward to ross. if they interested make they store much better they can start read topics here at they own oxwall forum in the category "oxwall store" and im 100% sure they do. no business like oxwall want have 0 control of they feedback from they customers i know they look this store forum even that you will say they not do. look skalfa they have clearly showed they read this forum and skalfa is oxwall same company but two names)


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