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Change Log - Simple Form | Forum

dave Leader
dave Nov 22 '16
Version 1 Build 1  released 11-21-2016 1121pm

First version  

dave Leader
dave Aug 31 '17
Version 2 Build 2 released 08/31/2017 9:43pm

added > added additional media buttons texarea inputs
added > added stripslashes to display of form data
added > added feature to name the custom form. Custom form name will show on  page title, tab title, and sidebar title
added > added feature to name custom fields. The custom field name will show on form on users side

Thats if folks.. thanks

IMPORTANT - i forgot to include the new readme file, it has changed.  The modified file will be in the next update but for now you can view the changed version on the plugin page.

Dave :)

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dave Leader
dave Sep 2 '17
Version 3 Build 3 released 9/1/2017 1:58am

Added >  language key on plugin main index to explain form purpose to users.
Added >  new readme file to core files

Thats it folks..

Dave :)
dave Leader
dave May 28 '19
Version 4 Build 4 Released 05/28/2019 5:46am

This was a HUGE update, we added so many things.  Here is a basic change log item list. 

Added - add newsfeed listing for new post
Removed - removed all guest permissions from user roles other than view feature
Fixed - hide add new link for guest
Added - add header text to the custom field config page 
Moved - move user page header field intro to admin config instead of having customer manually edit lang key
Fixed -  bug where anyone can delete others posts
Added - added user notify on reply for OP only
Added - added seperate sorting config and process for replies 
Added - added privacy logic to main plugin page.
Added - added read more read less logic links only for OP topic, will do replies if there is a strong need by enough users.
Removed - removed record id display from edit topic and edit reply - was used for testing only
Fixed - fixed bug in text sanitation Fixed - fixed bug with add new showing if disabled in config
Added - the topic with the last reply with always be at the top of the listing, (just one record thats all) then the other records will be listed by sort order set in the plugin admin config.

Notes - no comments or likes will be available for the NF items - there is no need for them
Due to the limited screen width of smart phones if you are using mobile mode for Oxwall you will be limited to 4 fields total. That means that you can only view 2 custom fields on the screen. The screens are just not wide enough to display all 5 fields on mobile smartphones. We recommend in that case that you only use 2 custom fileds in that case so that they are all visible on the screen.

Thats it folks, enjoy... :)


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