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installation issue | Forum

trav bac
trav bac Dec 7 '16
installed 1.8.4 build 10800

My server uses php 5.3.3 or 5.6 or 7.

installation would not proceed with 5.6 or 7. Said php ext not available. changed to 5.3.3. Installed. cron would not run. guessed and changed php to 5.6 and cron runs.

also it would be nice to list all dir that need to be chmod to proceed installation insted of refreshimg 15 times to find again, chmod these directories, etc.
dave Leader
dave Dec 7 '16

Hi, welcome to Oxwall, 

PHP 5.5 is minimum required now. Always check your php using phpinfo()

If you are running linux you can run this free plugin to check your server, you will get a better report if you have shell_exec enabled. 



 you can check the requirements on the RIGHT SIDE of this page  http://www.oxwall.org/hosting

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trav bac
trav bac Dec 7 '16
thanks but see my post. It would not install with 5.6 or 7. read what i did to install. Thanks
dave Leader
dave Dec 8 '16
but how did you check your php version, dont check it via your hosting panel, check it via phpinfo see here


if you had run my checker plugin it would tell you exactly what version. 

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Aliya Team
Aliya Dec 8 '16
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