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Support questions - Groups | Forum

Tango Apr 27 '11
very good with we could restrict groups tho to selected users or password protect selected groups
Honsa Sep 2 '11
let me know if you need help. I am interested in a fast development of the groups plugin ;)
Alvin Sep 24 '11
I used this and started a group.. but there is no group page and it does not really show any way to do anything within a group or make a group presense... I dont get this..
Bing Zhu
Bing Zhu Nov 15 '11
Yes, it's better there is a page for group to show all the group member's update, blogs and events. Not just a group. Thanks.
Douglas Jun 21 '12
500 error after updating groups plugin.

1.3.2 version also errors (last time i updated)

went back to 1.2.6 version to get it working again.

Den Team
Den Jun 25 '12

To catch an actual error, enable DEV_MODE in ow_includes/config.php and check update again. You'll get an actual error message. Post it here.
Ed Domich
Ed Domich Jun 27 '12

I had the same problem. Here's what I did:

1. Got the 500 error.
2. In another window, I deleted the Groups plugin folder and compressed folder using my ftp client.
3. Press back on 500 error page to go back to admin panel.
4. The admin page should now have the button that says you need to update your database, but if you press it, you have to start over. DON'T PRESS IT YET!
5. Re-upload the plugin in the other window using ftp and extract.
6. NOW you can press the update button.
7. BINGO! Your groups plugin should now be updated and free from 500 error!!! Let me know if this helps!!!
Jorge González Alonso
Jayme Oct 18 '12
There's only one opportunity to accept an invitation to a group.  If you don't get the process right the first time, you're stuck!  I run a kids' site and they don't get things right the first time by any stretch.  It would be great if the invites also sent the invitation to the oxwall email box *or* left the invite notification up at the top until the invite was accepted.
Alia Team
Alia Oct 19 '12
Jayme, thanks for your feedback.
Can you clarify on what you mean by 'If you don't get the process right the first time, you're stuck! '. Does the invitation disappear? if yes, then when it happens?
Tim Dec 1 '12
Is there supposed to be a way for users to add photos to a group? From what I'm reading here from other users I'd gathered that there is. Strange thing is I don't see any photo upload option on the groups page. Am I missing something?

I was able to attach a forum to the group via the admin settings but no albums or options to upload group photos seem to be on the page.
Alia Team
Alia Dec 3 '12
Tim, users can add images to the group's wall or newsfeed.
Group creator can add an image to the group, when creating the group.
Please find screen shots attached.
Tim Dec 12 '12
Thanks Aliia, I simply had rich media disabled in the User Input Settings under Content Comments. That's why I wasn't seeing the add video/photo buttons. Guess I didn't immediately realize these content settings were also for walls.

Thanks for your time.
Alia Team
Alia Dec 14 '12
shaj Jun 20 '13
can i change name of plug in group. a want some editing this plug in (group)
Alia Team
Alia Jul 19 '13
Shaj, what do you mean by "name of plugin"?

Tess Franklin
Tess Franklin Aug 16 '13

I also receive a 500 error when attempting to use this plug in. 
 I followed the work around instructions offered above but get the same error regardless.


I attempted to enable DEV_MODE in order to generate a specific error to report but when I did that my site didn't load at all.


I replaced the config.php file with the back up one I saved before hand, so my site loads again, however I am back to square one.

Pavan Nov 5 '13
Can anyone comment on the post posted in group

means i posted something on group

  can i or some one comment on that single  thread  like feeds in main page..

The Forum post is edited by Pavan Nov 5 '13
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Nov 13 '13
Pavan,  "Groups" plugin uses standard Oxwall's communication tools: newsfeed, wall, forum.
Only newsfeed allows adding comments to initial posts.
The Forum post is edited by Oxwall Software Nov 13 '13
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