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Problem with Paid Membership and PayPal Billing [Solved] - PayPal Billing | Forum

Walter DAVIN
Walter DAVIN Mar 16 '17
Hello, I have a test to know if the payment system works with the Sandbox mode on your plugin "PayPal Billing" but it does not work. The member has confirmation of the processing of his order, but his role remains unchanged (I also have your Paid Membership plugin installed) and the payment does not appear in "Finance". Here are the messages I have on the database (see capture attached). I need help please !

Plugins : last version for all

Message 1 :

    [mc_gross] => 43.20
    [protection_eligibility] => Eligible
    [address_status] => unconfirmed
    [payer_id] => LNPJKZ4ULBQ56
    [address_street] => Av. de la Pelouse, 87648672 Mayet
    [payment_date] => 17:29:34 Mar 15, 2017 PDT
    [payment_status] => Completed
    [charset] => windows-1252
    [address_zip] => 75002
    [first_name] => test
    [mc_fee] => 1.72
    [address_country_code] => FR
    [address_name] => test buyer
    [notify_version] => 3.8
    [subscr_id] => I-D4A7PMV73RJC
    [custom] => f7aa6647fbd8440aad16386b05fddaa4
    [payer_status] => verified
    [business] => waxmax-facilitator@free.fr
    [address_country] => France
    [address_city] => Paris
    [verify_sign] => ATOwmFugiV5w7zYaJ0M7DizFlZzMAVYFroM.4OI4UxsTBUlqpPiN9c5e
    [payer_email] => waxmax-buyer@free.fr
    [txn_id] => 5HM22649CD441754H
    [payment_type] => instant
    [last_name] => buyer
    [address_state] => Alsace
    [receiver_email] => waxmax-facilitator@free.fr
    [payment_fee] =>
    [receiver_id] => FYGUWYRRWNJ86
    [txn_type] => subscr_payment
    [item_name] => 43.2 EUR TTC

Message 2 :

    [txn_type] => subscr_signup
    [subscr_id] => I-D4A7PMV73RJC
    [last_name] => buyer
    [residence_country] => FR
    [mc_currency] => EUR
    [item_name] => 43.2 EUR TTC
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Walter DAVIN
Walter DAVIN Mar 20 '17
Where is the after sales service? No response from the developer? !!!
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Mar 22 '17

Dear Walter,

Please make sure that the IPN is configured correctly. Also, please specify whether the payment output you've attached is the real payment, not the Sandbox. 

Also, have you read our troubleshooting topic: https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/14960

If none of this helps, please PM your Admin Area and cPanel access details and we will be happy to assist you.

Walter DAVIN
Walter DAVIN Mar 22 '17
Hello !

We have tested at a paypal business address and not with a sandbox to try and nothing works. No display of the transaction in "Finance" and no change of "Role" of the customer. Yet the customer sees the display "command pending validation" on the site but the upgrade does not work. My IPN is activated on paypal with the following address: https://www.sortirbio.fr/billing-paypal/order/notify

I am sending you in PM an identifier / password + the password to access the site.

PS: we do not have access to a panel, because we install everything from command line SSH
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Mar 24 '17

Dear Walter, 

We are really sorry for the delays. 

First of all we need an access to the database. That's why we asked for the cPanel. Please send us the access to phpMyAdmin. 

Also, we checked the PayPal Billing plugin settings and found out that the Merchant account differs from the receiver account you sent in the array. Is the array of real payment? In case it's a test payment, it will never show up in the finance statistics and membership will not be granted.

Walter, the fact is that there are a lot of reasons why the payment do not go through and to find our what exactly caused the issue, we need to debug it. So, we would really appreciate if you provided us with the access to the database and files (FTP or SSH)

Walter DAVIN
Walter DAVIN Mar 27 '17
It's ok look MP ;-)
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Mar 27 '17

Dear Walter,

Thank you for the details. We checked the error log and found out that there are a lot of errors related to the Animate plugin.

Seems the problem you've got faced with was caused by these errors. The problem is not in the PayPal plugin. Could you please deactivate the Animate plugin and make a real payment. If this does not help, please get back to us and we will try to check into this issue deeper.

In any case, you should eliminate these errors if you want to use this plugin. So, we would recommend to contact the Animate plugin's developer and ask them to check into this issue. Also, as we can see this plugin asks for an update. Probably the update will solve the errors and issue with the payments.

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