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welcome email sent out to new member has localhost links..need to change to live | Forum

tommy Apr 20 '17
hello my issue is this
i uploaded all my oxwall files to a live webhost  and is at this sit
however when a user signs up and becomes a memeber
they receive 2 emails
1 ..a verfiy email with a link to check ..this works
2..a welcome email that includes links to certian areas of the website
these links still connect to my localhost url
i am trying tofind the file in the source code so i can change it to my live webhost....i cant find it any where..the code is not understandable to me to a large degree......how can i find this file to adjust the HREF links in the welcome email plz
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skaoxine Apr 23 '17
Emails are not in php code it's in database (language)

Error 500 Something went wrong!

Have you tried to look inside this file ow_includes/config.php?

Line 3 :
define('OW_URL_HOME', 'http://localhost/');
define('OW_URL_HOME', 'https://tfn.000webhostapp.com/');

For more informations on what's happening same file
line 44 :
define('OW_DEBUG_MODE', false);
define('OW_DEBUG_MODE', true);

Refresh your website. You should have more infos and if you don't understand paste here the details.

After writing this message and refreshing your website now everything seems fine ;-)
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tommy Apr 24 '17
thank you for the reply
yes i had already put the line 3 as my live webhost URL
and it still wasnt pointing the links inside the welcome email to the live URl..it was still going
to localhost
and yes for awhile i had set debug mode to true to see the eroors messgaes

but yes i was trying to make adjustments in admin panel in the language section...its quite hard....well i added a line to point the $url_site variable to to live host URL and i quite sure i made a typo error on the left side key entry...i put base twice...but
guess what...the links in the email of welcome work fine now and point to the live webhost URl

not sure if it was a glithc bug ..or if my code worked or whatever...not sure
do you know where i get get more tuturial or info or language section in the admon panel??
its an importnant section it seems to me and i would like more understanding of it for future reference