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Am I doing something wrong?" - Fake interest | Forum

Slayer Dec 7 '17
I set everything..

for day 1.. i set 0 hr 15 mins to send winks , msg and visit

I was not sure if the timing is from the time member register or system time.

so i add another set for system time. that is 14:25 

I create a new user.

i waited for 20 mins nothing happened.

The time now is 14:20

so in 5 minutes i expect to set visit , winks and msg..

it's 14:35 and still nothing happened.

I see a button called add user.. what does that means?

Anyway i also tried different time.. 

1hr 01 mins.. and 1hr 02mins

and as i am not use how the time is working i set another one

at 15:01 15:05

for 1 hr 01 mins i add user of 2 members.. 

and for 15:05 i add 2 users too

so either way during this time set something should happen..

but nothing

i been trying all possibilities from the time i bought this plugin and nothing is happening.

So far this plugin is not working on my site.. what can I do .. anything i need to be aware? like cron ?

Does this plugin clashes with any other script like user credit, privacy or any other thing as no msg been sent to the new user.

Slayer Dec 7 '17
I found out.. u need to set cron setting every minute..


is this how it works?

Slayer Dec 7 '17
and same problem as this person at


all messages sent by 1 person..

user gets 10 msg at diff interval or same time from only 1 members..

it is not randomized..

can you fix it fast or i am just wasting my time?

it's so embarrassing..  I don't know what the new users just joined my site thinks..

when they see they get spammed by 1 person.

Sergey Pryadkin Team
Sergey Pryadkin Dec 7 '17
I know about this bug, and fixing it, it will disappear in a next version )
Slayer Dec 8 '17
Hopefully soon as I was excited on your wonderful idea on this plugins. 

Slayer Jan 23 '18
You removed my access, you have not refunded me.. and you are least bothered to correct the bug. I will take action against you and get your paypal account frozen .

Slayer Jan 23 '18
This is the WORST product i ever purchased. the plugin itself is FAKE and FRAUD.
Sergey Pryadkin Team
Sergey Pryadkin Jan 23 '18

Slayer, sorry for this case. I sent PM for you, maybe we well be able to meet on the middle. 
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