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BUG - Credits 4 Likes | Forum

Marcus Dec 27 '17
Please redesign your like button case calling: https://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php pops a window asking to conform like!!!!! Come on how many pop ups does it take to like a page!!!

P.S. User don't really needs to click on LIKE button just visit: /credits4likes and that will add their ID to table.
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IntrigU Dec 30 '17
Marcus. Can you be a little more specific re what the bug actually is? 
JB TECH Feb 26 '18
My client is using this plugin and this is indeed a bug of sorts. I can explain in detail how it happens.

User A hasn't liked using the plugin yet. They click the "like" button in the popup, and then a Facebook.com Popup window appears. This window shows the Facebook page's icon and asks to confirm the like. Clicking "confirm" closes the window, but does not award any credits. The like goes through but the credits don't.

However, if you reload and the popup appears again, it will show the "like" button but with the checkmark meaning you have liked the linked page. At this point, if you click that button, it will "unlike" and if you click it again it will "like" the page and THEN award you the credits.

There seems to be an authorization problem somewhere keeping this plugin from being truly functional.
IntrigU Feb 27 '18
Hi Jake,

Please go to plugin admin settings and change Facebook Page URL to URL of your site: e.g. https://www.yoursite.com

Confirmation popups appear only when facebook page URL is used. It looks like Facebook have introduced these recently to prevent inauthentic likes for pages.

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Marcus Feb 28 '18
Hi, yeah buddy inputting site's URL doesn't popup another window asking to conform the like.

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