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This plugin makes the entire website non readable - Badwords | Forum

Brian Feb 19 '18
I have had this plugin for a long time now and I always ended up disabling it because it was rendering my website non-readable. It literally scopes the entire site instead of simply inspecting content entered by users.

At one point I thought it was working well until I opened my Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. It was extremely censored although both texts were free of bad words.

The major problem with this plugin is the fact that it recognizes the bad words within other non-badwords and not as a separate word. I found a way around this by adding spaces at the beginning and end of each word, but this should be done through the plugin.

I would suggest you add the function to add spaces to the beginning and end of newly entered words. I am not sure if this fixes everything, but it would sure fix a lot!

I found several bad word lists online and created a large list of my own. I attached the SQL import file to this post. Keep in mind though these words do not have spaces at the beginning and end and will need to be modified for this.

Happy coding ya'll!!!!!

  ow_badwords_badwords.sql (11Kb)
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