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Add fields manually | Forum

anthony Jul 28 '18
New to Oxwall.
How do I add profile field results manually? For example, if I wanted to put the user's age in a certain spot.


dave Leader
dave Jul 28 '18
Hi anthony,  

Welcome to Oxwall.

Go to admin->users->profile questions

you can drag and drop questions where you would like them to be, also make new sections and lots of other options.

anthony Jul 28 '18
Thanks for answering.

That's not what I'm looking to do.
Basically I want to hardcode the member's age after the name in the user list like (attached) I know the page to edit but not sure what code to use (PHP novice)

In a previous script I could just use something like

and call
<? session::toString(); ?> to see other values
  Capturesss.JPG (9Kb)
dave Leader
dave Jul 28 '18
Your talking about a global variable, these are the only global variables i know of.  

As suggested in this post you could try using get_defined_vars() to see what is loaded but it will take some searching. 

You can check out 

php file:


and  html file


Check this out... 

Go to Admin -> Profile Questions -> For birthday, you edit it and go to 'Answer Type' -> choose 'Date (Age) -> then show age on your users profiles.

I know its not on the members list but at least its somewhere. 

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dave Leader
dave Jul 28 '18
So now we have to find the age code and plug it into that file. 

Took awhile, sorry but i am not feeling too good today.   But i did find in 


the function starts on line 1647

and the age code is on line 1805 

im not sure about its full process but it could be what we are looking for.   

remember that any changes you make will need to be redone after a update

The Forum post is edited by dave Jul 28 '18