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Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Aug 27 '18
Post your support questions here. These should only be related to the theme. I don't have any control over the core, or third party plugins. I have added some special css for a few plugins, but I don't have all of them. Devs should really take responsive considerations into their plugin design.
Ash Oct 18 '18
Hey Darrly, i have just been testing oxwall and out of all Theme i have tried , i find your theme best! I was going for Ethos, but your theme just does not covers all the aspects, but really ads value in color & cosmetic customization's.. 

Can you please help me with 2 small custom code help?

1) How do i change background color of comment text area

2)Few places there is this black font which i am unable to find and change, 

eg below black text covered in circle

It will be really helpful if you can please revert on above.
Also, i am planning to shift my ning community here. What are your views on bug and oxwall core performance? 


Look fw


Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Oct 18 '18

You can add this css in you custom css for the theme in the admin panel.

1. background color for text area.

textarea {

    background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);


2. This is the dark font color you are seeing. Mine is more of a silver. It appears that you have changed the body html color.

body, html {
    color: #828894;


Overall I think Oxwall performs well for standard community sites. If you have several users, or are planning to have, make sure you have VPS hosting as several have had performance issues when trying to run on shared hosting. I can't really speak for how well it performs overall compared to other platforms as I have never used any of the others. My use is more hobby related. Nothing as serious as trying to operate a full community site.

Note that the simply responsive sb theme is essentially the same as the nightshade sb theme with the exception that it is more of a blank slate where colors are concerned.

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Shilo Apr 14 '20
Hi - I am wondering why when I change the Mobile background from the blue crackled look to something else it also stops the slideshow from working. When i reset the mobile background it goes back to working again. my only issue is that my site theme is greens and blacks and the blue stands out. also, what size is the best for the header image? thanks! :)
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