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Emoji not work | Forum

Valentin Jan 25
when an android user sends an emoji in chat, the one who receives the message,  receives: ???


I don't want plugin for emoji. 

I want the emoji from the keyboard to work

Paul Jan 25
You have to change the Kollation of the message tables(s) from utf8_general_ci to utf8mb4_general_ci

I did this for the whole oxwall installation, like forum plugin, etc

Eliot More
Eliot More Jan 28
I have the same problem
Valentin Feb 24
Still not working.

Valentin Apr 12

After I change from core/database.php

array(PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_INIT_COMMAND => 'SET NAMES utf8;', to utf8mb4

the website is running hard and many features such as logging does not work. (parsererror)

it doesn't even work if I change it back.

How fix ?

Paul Apr 18
Some plugins are using queries with collorate and combined tables have all to be utf8mb4

just take a look, where you have to change the tables.

oxwall has a default logging function?

Leigh May 29
I faced the same issue, still facing that, no solution yet.


Valentin May 29
I fixed