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Changing the Admin Template | Forum

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Alexander Mirvis

Where can I make some minor changes on the Admin template?


Oxwall Germany Club

You can modify the layout files in ow_system_plugins/admin/views/

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Oxwall Germany Club
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Alexander Mirvis
Hello, any specific file? I need to change the main dashboard page. 

I see nothing but iframes.

<div class="ow_stdmargin">    <iframe class="ow_full" src="{$adminDashboardIframeUrl}" style="border: 0pt none ; width: 100%; height: 250px;" frameborder="0"></iframe></div>

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Oxwall Germany Club
Which page do you mean exactly? Please post the url such as /admin/settings.
Alexander Mirvis
The main admin page. I've looked through pretty much every file I think and couldn't find it.
Oxwall Germany Club

The files to edit are

/ow_system_plugins/admin/controllers/base.php (method dashboard)



Oxwall Türkiye

Alexander, buddy, it's enough to share links to the pages you're thinking of replacing.

It's not possible to understand you like this.

Executive area arrangements are common areas as follows

  ow_syste I / Admin

Site management

ow_system / Base, located under.

But there are many pages. Decorator, html, php and function pages in the hierarchy.

It will be easier to tell the URL of the page for the operation you want to do.

NOTE: The changes made within these pages are content that are of particular interest.

Problems that cannot be returned can be seen. You should remember that any changes to the next update will be lost.