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[SOLVED] Automated banning | Forum

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Matthias Feb 22

[UPDATE] This is the plugin that will take care of it: https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1603 Thank you ArtMedia.


I am looking for a way to get my spammers under control. While I have an active community that reports spammers, I still have to manually check each profile and ban it (and give a Ban-reason).

I would love something along the way that if a profil is reported a few times, it automatically gets banned with a standard message. I can then later check the profiles to see if there is something wrong. However, if you get a profile reported more than 3 times by different users, it´s always a spam profile.

Case study:

1) Spammer creates account "Spambot" and starts interfering with normal users

2) Normal (real) users report the profil "Spambot" with the "Report profile button"

3) If more than 3 users report 1 Spamprofil, it automatically gets banned with the standard message (can be changed) "Violation of Terms of Service"

4) If a profile only get 1 or 2 reports, nothing changes. It will not be banned automatically, only manually.

5) Admins can see all reported profiles in their dashboard (as it is now).

In short: Profil gets reported more than 3 times, the profil gets banned automatically with a standard ban-reason.

I am open to suggestions about the process, but I love keeping things simple. I think this would reduce the workload of site-owners and admins a lot, since most of their daily work gets automated.

Please let me know what you think


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Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

Do you have "Mandatory user approve"?I have it activated and I demand that they fill out the profile well to admit members and it does not happen to me.

It is not difficult to make a plugin that does this, my question is whether enough would be sold to make it worth the time spent.From what I see, spammers are robots that put nonsense in the profile, and instead of approving them, I erase them and that's it.This plugin is cheap, it works very well and it helps me a lot to know if there are new members waiting for approval:

New User Alert

OW-Ghost Feb 23
I think great idea Matthias it can always get better this standard report feature that i feel missing many things like 

- admin can add some custom auto message to the reported members

- members have option to write what problem they have with the member they report

- the reported member should bee in some kind of suspend mode to the admin finish review the case

- im sure can add much more better features to that very old out dated oxwall report system

if i can come up with more suggestion i will add it later....

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Matthias Feb 27

Thank you for the Feedback Patricia and OW-Ghost!

I do not use "mandatory user approve", since this would again add extra work for me. Furthermore I believe that it could hurt conversion-rates and I want to make the sign-up process as smooth and rewarding as possible :)

Matthias Mar 13
Any Developer likes to take on this project? I am convinced it could help a lot of admins deal with spambots and could work pretty simple like "reported 3 times = banned". 

AppXprt Mar 13
I think a few changes to the registration form / process can prevent all spam and bots from registering, but I think this is a great idea for that and the other issues mentioned.
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ArtMedia Mar 14
plugin is comming
Matthias Mar 14

ArtMedia, I know this is in good hands when you take on this project! Looking forward to see your work. If you need any input, just use this thread or pm me :)

Thank you!

OW-Ghost Mar 14
Artmedia please add this very nice admin feature !

- When delete a user a "email" will send to them on auto with a reason why admin delete the profile or many  profiles at ones

- you can set the auto email OFF or ON in plugin settings

- When it is set ON it is only work for Admin and Moderators roles and ignores other roles that delete they profiles.

(possible translate the email message in different languages in the languages keys)

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ArtMedia Mar 17

translations dont work with emails, because cron sending emails and cron get default language, this require update oxwall core, where user can define language and then cron will be sending email to this user, first cron check which language he using.

Auto Ban plugin waiting for approve oxwall team, enjoy!


some screens

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Matthias Mar 18
Thank you for this Plugin, ArtMedia. I am testing this as I write this sentence :) 

Quick question about the Email system you mentioned: 

So if a user gets banned automatically, he/she will not get an automated Email with the ban-reasons (because of cron)? Only the site-admin will get an Email informing him/her about the automated ban?

I don´t think it is a very big issue if it works that way. As said, this system should automatically ban spam-bots and they dont care about the ban reason anyway. 

I just want to understand better, thanks again for your great work!

ArtMedia Mar 18
Plugin using oxwall core suspend function and this function send email with information about suspended account, additional you can enable receive admin emails, where you will be inform when oxwall auto banned user
Matthias Mar 26
Works as described, another great work from ArtMedia!
ArtMedia Mar 26

Quote from OW-Ghost 

- members have option to write what problem they have with the member they report

plugin where users can add explanation to flaged content is awaiting for approval


some screens

Matthias Mar 27

skadate (which I am using) already has this feature and it also works with the current version of your plugin. 

I wonder if I should still update? I am afraid it could interfere with the already build in "reason for report".