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[Plugin Request] Search for keywords in profiles | Forum

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Matthias Apr 2 '19

I run a site with apps for Android and iOS and have the following problem: 

Users are trying to bypass the paywall. They add their Facebook, Discord, Emails, Instagram, Whatsapp numbers etc to their profiles so other users can connect them through this information. 

I try to ban and delete this information as much as I can, but it is a lot of admin work. 

Therefore I would need a plugin where I can search for terms in profile texts. For example: 

"Word search": Discord

"Plugin action": Display a list of all users that have the word "Discord" written somewhere in their profile (About me, people I look for etc). 

I can then go through all these accounts and delete the "Discord" information and/or ban these accounts. Then I would proceed to look for terms like "Facebook, Whats app..." etc. 

Obviously, this would also be great for unwanted profiles selling sex or troll profiles causing troubles in the community. 

As always, I am happy to hear suggestions about this idea and what other users and devs think about a plugin like this. 

I have my fingers crossed more admins see the benefits of a plugin like this :)



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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Apr 2 '19

I do not have Skadate, I can not help you.

If it is similar to OxWall, it is not difficult to do because it does not require aesthetic details that entertain the development of a plugin.

In OxWall we have the function that you see in the image.

Does not Skadate have a forum like this to ask questions and propose plugins?

The problem we have in OxWall is that plugins sell little and that discourages converting developments that we have in our websites to plugins.

Matthias Apr 2 '19
Hi Patricia,

I think we had this discussion before with a another plugin. It does not make sense for my business to approve each profile beforehand, since it would put even more work on my shoulders. Keep also in mind that users can edit their profiles which again would need an approval process. 

I also know that this is oxwall, but as you can see in most plugins here, they work for skadate too and are also promoted by skadate to use on their software. So here I am :)

Back to topic, what to other devs and admins of sites think about this?

OW_Ghost May 11 '19


why not hide that profile "text field" and only payed members can see text fields. then you will not loosing anything if they put line,skype or whatever they put in that text field because only payed user can see it.

i run it like this on my business and it save me a lot of work ... (the plugin as available in the store for download)

if you block one word then they know another way to go around it for example how should you block a word like email when you can spell it myemail @ e m a i l . c o m . just a example how easy go around such word block plugin and they learn how to do it trust me

good luck Matthias with you business :) trsut me this helps alot and that plugin i talk about is very useful for a dating site, i was one who suggest to create it ....

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Matthias May 13 '19

Hi OW-Ghost,

thank you for your suggestions and coming back with feedback, very much appreciated.

I like the idea, however I use Credits and memberships on my site. This means, that my credits only users would get a serious disadvantage although they spent money on my site.

If someone only works with memberships, that could indeed be a solution though.

OW_Ghost May 13 '19
ahaa i understand...


maybe ask developer artmedia make it work with credit plugin. he usely very easy to talk with and not expensive to hire

ArtMedia May 13 '19

You can buy my credist billing payment gateway and allow users buy membership by credits not money