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Charging For Support Outside My Plugin Enviornment | Forum

dave Leader
dave May 9 '19
Going forward i will be charging a flat rate for any support offered which is outside my plugin environment.  For a very long time now (years) i have graciously logged into peoples servers and website in order to help them fix their sites or get their sites back online. 

I typically do not log into other peoples servers but i have been making the exception for certain users who are just not able to figure things out.  

As stated this does not include support for my plugins, that is always free.  But other developer plugins, oxwall core, and oxwall styles are different and are outside of that free zone. 

Remember i do not modify other developers plugins as a professional courtesy. But i will let you know what i think the issue is and you can take it up with the developer or fix it yourself and i will be glad to help teach you how to do that but no more for free.  

The flat rate is on a case by case basis and i will let you know that rate before any work is started.  With oxwall dropping support of its free version in the forum, it has gotten to where i am spending more and more time on the computer helping poeple and i cannot continue to do it for free.   Resources cost money.  

So i hope you all understand and also understand that my prices will be fair and the work honest and professional.  


Dave :)

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AppXprt May 9 '19
Excellent policy in my opinion, I'll hopefully have some work for you when you're ready.
Steve May 17 '19
I second that my friend you deserve it
dave Leader
dave May 24 '19
Someone asked me if this meant i was out of retirement, the answer is no. Sorry for the confusion.  I was just basically trying to say nicely that freebee's are over :)    This also has nothing to do with my forum help, i will still be helping on forum just not as much as before.
The Forum post is edited by dave May 30 '19