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Meet iola - iOS/Android application | Forum

iola team
iola team Aug 30 '19
Hello Steve,

Our main task, for now, is to polish the free versions before release. We plan to add support for standalone ( paid ) apps shortly after release.

iola team

Steve Aug 30 '19
Thank you for your quick response.

Looks good and works great.

Another suggestion possible a group chat function in it.

Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Sep 2 '19

Sergey Kambalin

Man, I appreciate all the work you've done. But there is such a problem that it is impossible to ignore. It's been a long time and you're not answering forum help topics. I think it's a pretty patient time for a patient 2 year question. A lot of people are waiting for answers in the forum area.

Please start updating your attachments.

Many add-ons are experiencing php version issues.

Now it's nice to see you start a beautiful project, I always appreciate you in my articles. I recommend you to people who want to buy a lot of add-ons, I tell people that you are someone who follows his work.

But I was really surprised to see that you haven't been able to answer my own problems in two years.

Please take a short break from all your work and answer any problems.

Specifically, I did not write this article for my own problems. I've been browsing add-on forums and doing research to find out about unresponsive developers. I saw you didn't answer people. Please keep our respect and respect for you.

Steve Sep 2 '19
@Oxwall Türkiye I was having a problem with the hint plugin and Sergey answered my question and took a look at both of my sites and told me what the problem was and now it works like a charm.
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Sep 4 '19


There is no so-called contradiction that I'm saying, it does pretty well. He is successful, but we cannot ignore unanswered problems.

Your problem has ended. There are still PHP version issues waiting to be finalized. These issues however need to be done within the package.

Example: The term cont has been removed but the plug-ins have not been updated. Of course a list of all problems has been made. I just need to tell her priorities to take this. There are thousands of people here.

iola team
iola team Sep 7 '19

Hello Oxwall Community,

We are preparing iola for the next important step. In the recent update, we fixed the frozen launch screen, improved API security, and added a few design changes. We also added “delete my profile” feature, so when (if) someone wants to delete their data, it can be done with two taps.

Both iOS and Android beta app updates are ready, new Oxwall plugin version is attached.

iola is almost ready for the full-fledged release. Yay!

iola team

  iola.2.zip (1155Kb)
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Sep 7 '19

This is one of the possible problems you may encounter if the app cannot be edited and recompiled.

For example, on my website if a user deletes their profile I have modified the code count so that it goes to "suspended" so that it cannot be re-registered and incidentally that their blogs, forums and groups are not lost.

Another example is if you let two members who are not friends previously chat with each other (classic bombardment of boys to girls), or if with a certain role they have prohibited or limited communications, or if you have censored to give the phone or email.

I hope that Iola in its final version is "editable and recompilable", because OxWall is NOT Skadate and here we like to customize the code to adapt to our website.

AppXprt Sep 16 '19
Nice work, but these need to run through another app?
iola team
iola team Sep 17 '19
Hello AppXprt,

Could you please clarify your question. What do you mean by `another app`?

AppXprt Jan 18
I think I understand a little better...

Do these apps connect to your server and you build them remotely?
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OW-Ghost Jan 18
No that is a big lie, the plugin in the store very very little is working with skadate and skadate mobile apps. you not run a dating business with no mobile apps the year 2020. and please start another topic about this. thanks

hopefully this iola apps will bee plugin friendly not same skadate apps not plugin friendly ...

Quote from Betts Oxwall is the easiest way to start and manage a Social Network website. Skadate on the other hand is a dating software completely based on Oxwall core and compatible with most Oxwall plugins and themes.

The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Jan 18
AppXprt Jan 18
I'm very impressed with your coding style, but I'd like to see this as more of a server independent solution that the clients have full or at least more control over on their own server and with the app like the play store console... I've given users a ton of control over their own apps, most don't even realize how much, because they aren't willing to customize and learn a little coding.
The Forum post is edited by AppXprt Jan 18
OW-Ghost Jan 19
im impressed about coding style and design but i will only switch to iola when it have better profile verification then email verification. 

my skadate apps have huge issues with fake profiles 20-30 join everyday from nigeria,ghana,india with fake email and fake ip. 

this nigerian and ghana users works in big team for setup fake profiles and i block 100000 profiles ip and email . nothing prevent them create fake profiles on skadate mobile apps and 100% sure on iola apps exactly same issue with fake profiles that destroy you business totally

skadate totally ignore this and happy with email verification. i think like they talk they doomed to have people leave they dating apps for all fake profiles that can never stop with very old tools from 1990

please bring this ioala app to year 2020 when it comes to stop fake profiles.

look freelancer.com they have many verifications tools for prevent fake profiles. and there is they who use fingerprint browser or hardware. and they who use video verification. need follow they who is take the lead or die out with fake profile factory apps

The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Jan 19
Lucas Mar 15
I did several tests but it didn't work with Oxwall. The connection exists, but when you log in it does not end and freezes. I changed the PHP version, deactivated fields, tested the plugin you posted here and give the same error.
AppXprt Mar 16
This is why I give the user full control in my app plugins.
Romuald Jun 25
Hello, would it be possible to switch without https?
OW-Ghost Jun 25
This guy smart. He did not start develop PWA

For anyone that going to use a PWA software you need to aply with this new SEO rules from google.


I hope see continue development in this software for Android/IOS.

The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Jun 25
insha Jul 25
Hello, is this project still active? 
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