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User Reminds User ... Plugin? | Forum

Blaire Oct 25 '19

Is there a way that I could set up a "Reminder" option that can be initiated by users on my site to "Remind" another user to access the site again?

UserA goes to UserB's profile and clicks on the option "Come back" to initiate an email to UserB's email address from the site. UserB's email address is not disclosed to UserA.

A simple button that, once clicked, will send one single email from the site to the user that says something like "I miss seeing you...please come back!" The body would include the user's username and an invitation to come back to the site to update their profile, and let them know that someone on the site really wants to connect with them.

I think this would be beneficial and give more "power" to users to reach out to inactive accounts and gently remind inactive users that the site still exists.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 25 '19
Excellent idea. I will include it in the next update of my UserInfo plugin, which will come with many more news.

Ash Oct 27 '19
i will buy!
Quote from Patricia Zorrilla Bcn Excellent idea. I will include it in the next update of my UserInfo plugin, which will come with many more news.

Marcus Oct 27 '19
Don't get me wrong but I think it's not  practice case a normal user would simply send a message to the other user.

But if wanna have such button more power to you I guess. 

It's actually not that difficult to do. Maybe 60min of coding... I'm kinda slow.. 

Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Oct 27 '19
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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 27 '19

You cannot make a plugin in 60 minutes.

You have to make an installer, an uninstaller, create a language file, add control of "User Roles" and "Privacy" and in the case of a plugin like this prevent spam based on not letting this message be sent abusively, and it would be very well a list of "damn users" that have it disabled. Attending to the "Credits" plugin does not cost much programming time.

Do not forget the tests and put a nice advertising in the store.

Then 2 or 3 copies are sold and you find it installed without a license on many websites. But that is another story.

I have been doing a brutal, huge plugin for weeks now. There is none in the store so large and complex, not even UserInfo.

With just this and OxWall you can already make a very cool website, and it is also a good complement to any type of website.

When I finish it, I will incorporate this reminder in my UserInfo plugin, which will bring many new features that are already made and tested.

ArtMedia Nov 19 '19

Plugin waiting to approval